Natural Cures for Pyoderma in Dogs

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lilli (Wa) on 12/26/2017 13 posts
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My terrier developed skin bumps that looked like pimples, that then became oozy and crusty. Vet gave him antibiotics that worked, but it came back every time. I'm not a fan of antibiotics, so I began researching topical treatments.

By far, a combination of 50/50 organic ACV and filtered water worked the best. I make a small, fresh batch of the liquid and apply it to the spots with a cotton ball. It is important to use a fresh piece of cotton ball on each spot and then toss it. Do not dip back into the ACV mixture. I gently "scrub" the spot to remove the crustiness and allow the ACV to penetrate the area and air dry.

I believe that the ACV acts as an antibacterial to cleanse the area and counteracts any yeast on the skin and dries the spot. I get immediate results. My dog had a quarter sized spot on his chest, after 3 days of treatment I can barely see the spot. In the past, he also had large areas around his groin. I swabbed to spots with ACV mixture and the skin looked pink in a few days.

You can also create a salve of organic coconut oil mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil. I apply this before bedtime. Frequent bathing with a good quality dog shampoo helps. I also trim my guy so that his fur cannot hide the spots and his skin can breathe.

He eats a commercial frozen raw food. Overly processed food with additives can cause all kinds of allergic reactions.