List of Poisonous Plants for Cats and Dogs

Poison Ivy
Posted by Melanyh (Houston, Tx, Us) on 06/18/2011
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We have poison ivy in our backyard, which my husband & I know to avoid. We have both had poison ivy more times than I'd like to mention. This summer, our 2 yr old Bull Terrier began getting red spots under her fur and on her stomach. She was itching and nibbling at her skin constantly. She is already treated with an internal & external flea medication, so we couldn't figure out what it was. She was completely miserable - always scratching, itching, and biting herself. She was even losing hair in those itchy areas. I tried a variety of pet products for skin issues, but nothing was working.

One day I was bathing her & I noticed that I had a small patch of poison ivy on my arm. Then it hit me - - she had poison ivy. We have always been told that dogs cannot get poison ivy, but I decided to do a little more research. Almost every site out there will tell you that dogs cannot get it; therefore, there are no remedies for it. I finally found one site that said, "yes, dogs can get poison ivy if the oils get past the fur. " This is why she had most of it on her stomach, where there is little hair. When she scratched, it moved the oils to other parts of her body. My husband & I swear by Burt's Bees Poison Ivy soap(you can find it at WFM). I immediately washed her with this soap, and you can tell she felt better. I washed the affected areas once or twice a day, and her poison ivy went away. Now, it has recently come back because we still have poison ivy in our yard, but now I can nip it in the bud before it gets bad. YES, your dog CAN get poison ivy!