Natural Parvo Treatment for Dogs

MMS, Activated Charcoal
Posted by gypsie (Hawaii) on 12/25/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I also cured my puppy with parvo with activated charcoal and mms. She was only a couple of months old, so I gave her .5-1 drop activated mms, 3x/day. In between, I give her activated charcoal with lots of water and electrolytes from a needle-less syringe. Keep them hydrated as much as possible. It took 2-3 days. I use mms for everything. It's a miracle cure.

MMS, Activated Charcoal
Posted by Hennie (Pretoria, South Africa) on 10/12/2013
5 out of 5 stars

For many years we had Chow Chow's and only seriously problems we had with them was hotspot. Then my wife decided that we should get smaller dogs and after some research we decided on the Chinese Crested. Both was about five months old when Max started getting sick and somewhere I had read there was parvo in the air. So, I get on the Net and looking for symtoms of parvo. Yes, Max had parvo and we decided to take him to the vet and two day later Max died. This was Thuesday morning. The family was broken and in meantime Joey show the same symtoms - PARVO. What was bad for me, was how Max had suffer and I decided Joey will not follow the same path as Max.

After been on the Net and specific Earth Clinic we deciced to keep Joey at home and doctored her ourself. Although I had MMS and Hydrogen Peroxide foodgrade, I decided to go for Colliodal Silver and we started to treathed Joey. She was not getting sicker but also not better. We also make sure she get all the time enough liquid. My wife and son had taken leave, to be at home to keep an eye on Joey.

Then Thursday afternoon after seeing the suffering in Joey eyes, I prayed to God and asked him why. She is not part of the man who must suffered for their sins. The word I then get from God was - MMS. I told my wife that we will use MMS and gave Joey the first dose. Friday morning I could see Joey had improved a lot. What I had learned was that the eyes tell you if your dog is getting better or not. Where Joey eyes was glassy and some brown in the white of her eyes Thursday night, it was clear and livingly Friday morning. We gave her her second dose. At 14H00 I came home and could she she looks much better, but something bother me is that she hadn't eat for five days. After talking with my wife , we decided to get some activated charcoal. We gave Joey one tablet at 16H00 and sometime at 17H00 for the first time she eat something, very little. Not long after that she vomit a little and something tell me that it is a good sign. We gave her, her third dose of MMS at 18H00 and at 20H00 we gave her an another activated charcoal tablet with some Pro- nutro.

Now, today Saturday morning she ate her food completly and walked and sniffing all around in our yard to see what she had missed out. She even chewed her bone, which she hadn't do it for the past five days and she loves her bones. I can only thanks God and my family.

The doses of MMS was made in a 50 ml glass - first was three drops sodium chlorite and 15 drops citric acid and then use a 2,5 ml syring twice. Second dose was four drops s/c and twenty drops c/a, 2.5 ml syring twice. Third dose, 5 drops s/c and 25 drops c/a, 2.5 ml syring once - fourth dose same as third. Make sure to follow the correct methods of making the MMS. Also ensure, when giving the activated charcoal, there is a time of two hours after last intake of what ever your dog had and again two hours your dog can get some food after taking the a/c.

Hope this will help you guys and most important trust God and stay possitive. Thursday afternoon was my and Joey turning point. I was at that point where I want take Joey to the vet and hope for the best, then I listened to the voice of our wonderfull God and use MMS, therefor thanks to Jim Humble who discover MMS, really a miracle supplement.