Natural Parvo Treatment for Dogs

Activated Charcoal, Oregano Oil, IV Fluids
Posted by Msmom (Africa) on 02/19/2017

Our 18 month old Schnauzer started getting sick Sunday evening and we took her in on Tuesday morning when she wouldn't eat anymore and was lethargic. She tested positive for parvovirus and she was kept at the vet, put on IV and given anti nausea/vomiting meds. She got worse before she got better and we felt horrible that we didn't realize what it was at first.

Then I started giving our 7 month old, 80 pound Boerboel charcoal capsules in his ground beef treats. I also gave him oregano oil - I put 5-10 drops of oil in a capsule and gave him 2 every morning. So I gave the oregano oil in the morning, and then 4 charcoal capsules in the afternoon and evening.

On Friday he wouldn't eat, started to vomit and had loose stool. We took him in immediately, and they started him on an IV and meds. He has not had anymore vomiting or diarrhea and he is eating - a little picky, but he is eating! He will be coming home today.

Our girl will be coming home in a few days - as soon as she will eat by herself.