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Pumpkin Seeds

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Posted by Askmeaboutgmos (New York) on 09/18/2015

A woman that works in rescue recommended purchase Pumpkin Seed Oil to kills worms in your pet. It takes awhile but, it works. My cat, Petie, was a stray and very thin. It took almost a full bottle (4 oz.) of the oil and two months. Dosage for him was 1/2 teaspoon once a day or, 1/4 teaspoon twice a day in wet yummy food. Don't mix it in the food as the cat may not like it and then won't eat the food. Use a dropper and drop droplets here and there on the food. I was busy during this time and mostly only gave Petie the morning dose so it took over two months, but I am telling you, he is worm free. You'd be wise to buy two bottles if you have more than one cat/dog.

In your research you are probably coming across tobacco. In fact, I tried tobacco first after reading the posts here on EC about worms and tobacco.

Here is my opinion about tobacco. Please don't use tobacco, especially standard tobacco because it contains pesticides and herbicides. I did (I used organic tobacco "American Spirit") and my cat turned into a mad cat for days and was attacking the other pets. I felt really bad for doing that to him.

Also, the tobacco will kill a bunch of worms at first and you'll think you got them all but, for whatever reason, the worms keep coming back. I even increased the amount of tobacco. Desperate, I went searching on the net as you are and a lady that runs a rescue told me about pumpkin seed oil. It is not over night but it is safe for your pet and I haven't seen a worm on Petie in months. (One bottle was just enough for Petie, but he was very thin. You might need two bottles if you have a heavier pet.) Make sure you order a 4 oz. dropper to go with the 4 oz. bottle. I ordered mine from Mountain Rose Herbs. They also have other natural items for pets.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Askmeaboutgmos!

Can you tell me if Petie had tape worms or another kind? I am only aware of tape worms being seen *on* a pet so was it tape worms or did you mean seen in the stool?

Also, did you verify with any sort of lab testing to confirm there were no worm eggs in Petie's stool?

I have heard of pumpkin seed ground up in the food for worms but they can be hard to come by - the oil approach seems ideal.

Thank you!


I am finding these comments and advice so helpful, thank you. I have a little cat that I rescued as a street kitten. When he came home he had hookworms. Like every other cat I have had (17 in all) I gave him garlic capsules, and they cleared him. He still has his daily capsule, but the other day I noticed hookworm larvae in his motions again. I was telling a cat loving American friend and he told me his grandmother dosed their animals with tobacco, said the worms came out in loads! Unfortunately he couldn´t remember what type of tobacco, or what kind of dosage. So on Saturday I bought a tiny packet of rolling tobacco, and a tin of catfood, served him a little with a tiny sprinkling of tobacco. I told my friend and he said, be careful, the nicotine can be toxic! If he had said that in the first place I would never have tried it. Now I learn it should be chewing tobacco and it is risky.

The cat hasn´t seemed very well since, has coughed up some white froth, and I don´t know if it has worked; he will not use his tray, prefers to go outside so I rarely see his stools. I have kept him in in the hope he will provide evidence, but nothing so far. On a plus side, he feels "fatter" and his coat is shinier, it had gone very dull, and he was getting boney like he was when I found him.

But I won´t risk tobacco ever again.

I have tried commercial tablets on other cats and they didn´t work.

As for garlic, I have never had any problems with any of my cats, most of whom have lived to ripe old ages. The others died from totally unrelated issues, one was even killed by a vet who didn´t know what he was doing when he tried to neuter her; he swore it was a reaction to the anaesthetic, but I was there when he did it, and was very worried, by his procedures, the time it took, and the fact that he seemed uncertain. A colleague came in, looked and made some remark, that I took to be questioning what he was doing, but he brushed it off. At that time there were no small animal vets around here, it´s a farming área, so they all worked with livestock. I got the distinct impression he had never done this to a female cat before, although he had done her brother and another male with no problems. It´s a little different doing what is basically an external procedure, to full blown surgery with all the attendant risks. Thankfully we have a positive rash of domestic vets now, so I will stick with them in future.

Pumpkin Seeds
Posted by Melissa (Honolulu, HI) on 09/22/2008

Has anyone tried pumpkin seeds because they work to get rid of parasites in Humans.. but could pumpkin seeds be in any way harmful to dogs?

Replied by Ilo3sjw
(Sparks, Nv, Usa)

Very late in replying but in case anyone is reading this of recent, I have read on various websites that it does. In fact, I am trying it out right now. When I get the results I will come back and post.

Replied by Maryland
(Los Angeles, Ca, Usa)

I gave my Mini Schnauzer pumpkin seeds when he was almost about 8 months old, because I noticed his puppy was full of worms. I gave it to him for about 2 weeks, not every day (because I would forget sometimes! ) and it worked. He hasn't had any more worms.

Pumpkin Seeds, Garlic

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Posted by Linnybug719 (Valley Stream, Ny) on 01/21/2013

I completely rid six cats of giardia with a paste made of ground pumpkin seeds and aged garlic extract. Grind pumpkin seeds in a coffee grinder or processor then take about 1/4 tsp and add a couple of drops to the garlic extra. The extract is aged garlic and will not cause the same problems fresh garlic will. It's perfectly safe. I've never had any issues with any of my cats and I've used it fairly often for medicinal purposes.

Reader Feedback

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Posted by Cheryl (Centerton, Arknsas) on 09/26/2008

My dogs have whip worms it is the same symptoms as parvo. There is no cure for whip worms but they are not caused by fleas, its by eating, smelling other dog poop that has been infected with them. They cannot be seen by the naked eye only by microscope. The vet told me to clean dog poop everyday and spray my yard with bleach to help keep them from getting infected that is they are in a fenced yard.

EC: Actually, you can get rid of whipworms with the correct medication.

"Whipworm infestation is detectable by stool examination, which can detect eggs and charcot-leyden crystals. Mebendazole is 90% effective in the first dose, and albendazole may also be offered as an anti-parasitic agent."

Replied by Jklisa
(Surrey, Bc)

Do research on colloidal kills & heals almost everything!! I'm using it right now to worm my kitten & by day 2, I am already seeing dead worms in her poo.

I am sure that she has hookworms, as her poo's were bloody. I mentioned this to her breeder that I thought she had worms cuz she had an inflated belly & a very vile bowel movement, the first day I had her. The breeder said nothing.

Then a week later, I saw blood in her stools & mentioned this to the breeder & the breeder then said... Oh yeah, that the kittens all had bloody stools when they were born....gawsh!! Some people!!

I have read of people being very successful when using colloidal silver on their pets for worms & lots of other ailments. Works great on people too.

Good luck & all the best.

Replied by Maryannw
(Brick, Nj / Us)

Can you please state how much you used? I just started Colloidal silver today on my dog who has been suffering with months of chronic diarrhea and lost alot of weight. I gave her the children's dose on the bottle - squirted it straight into her mouth? BTW- she weighs 37#

(South Carolina)

Have you tried giving your dog pumpkin puree (not pie filling) mixed w/white rice for the diarrhea. I tried on my dogs & cats & it worked great. Actually, that's what the site called for, I couldn't find the pumpkin so I substituted sweet potatoes drained, rinsed & mashed mixed w/1 cup of rice. hope this helps.

Replied by Be
(South Rockwood, Michigan)


I have to give a huge warning about colloidal silver. Long term exposure to a living animal or person will eventually cause them to turn gray as the silver permeates throughout the system and DOES NOT get removed from your tissues. Long term prognosis is not good. I am very open to alternative remedies ie most of these such as tobacco, DE and OO have been around for years and similar to many things we eat, can be marginally poisonous. More is not better. Colloidal silver does work but at a great cost to the patient. Look up Argyria before you use this for anything!!!

Replied by Anne
(Spring Hill, Florida, U.s.a.)

PLEASE... Do your research before "warning" people about something as incredible as Colloidal Silver. There is only ONE documented case of agyria and that guy had to be drinking buckets of it at a time - or very high in ppm (particles per million). It was also found that people who were given it interveneously were prone to discoloration. And... By the way... It's certainly NOT dangerous. There are no documented deaths from using Colloidal Silver.

Tapeworm Remedies

Posted by Slorff (Abbot, Maine) on 03/31/2014

Do you know any products that get rid of tapeworms in cats?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Slorff!

There are many OTC wormers that contain the effective ingredient Proziquantel/Droncit in them. You should be able to buy "TradeWinds Tape Worm Tabs Cat Tablets" at any pet supply store - these are cheaper than a vet visit and are effective usually requiring only one treatment.

If you wish to go the herbal route consider VMR1 [], and also slippery elm tea, as well as worm wood and black walnut; dosages for these products would be listed on the bottle and you would need to calculate based on the weight of your pet.

Tick-Borne Diseases

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Posted by Lina (Chicago, Illinois) on 11/05/2008

Erichliosis/lymph nodes

I tried the epsom salts, with 1 pint of h202 for the bath. The epsom salts had spearamint in them. It was the first time in 3 days my dog has been able to lay on her side, and sleep, without so much respiratory distress. The bath was hard, I feel buzzed from the oxygen on my arms, I can't believe what's it's done for my dog this evening. She hadn't eaten all day, and then ate, just now. We've been doing the castor packs for some time. I just tried the ACV tonite. I am also going to try POKE and American Mandrake Root tinctures, 1 drop each. She's also on Cat's Claw, Una da gato, only, and also Gravizon, and ning xa and essiac herbal remedy. Keep your thumbs up, if my dog wants to live, then I'm going to find a way to make it happen for her. She's only 8.


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Posted by Askmeaboutgmos (New York) on 09/19/2015


I used the tobacco method for six weeks. Tobacco killed the worms initially but, the worms kept coming back. Please do not use this method as it will turn your pet into a mad dog/cat. Also, standard tobacco is highly sprayed with poison. I used organic tobacco, "American Spirit" the yellow box which is a mild tobacco like a Marlboro. (Yes, I used to smoke it too but I have since quit.) Pumpkin Seed oil worked for my cat. Please see my detailed review for pumpkin seed oil that includes how much I used and where to buy it. Please do not be tempted to use tobacco on your pet.

Replied by Christi
(Collinsville Tx)

I noticed that you wrote to give the animal Diatomaceous Earth (DE)... I went to a website that I read about to buy the stuff and on the website it specifically said will not sell to the state of TX... Is there a reason Texas can't buy the stuff?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Christi!

DE is available in many, many places in the state of Texas. The restrictions on sale apply to how the product is labeled. The EPA requires that in order to make claims that Diatomaceous Earth kills insects, it has to be labeled with an approved EPA label. So if a dog treat includes DE in its ingredients and boasts that it also is effective on removing parasites, it must have the EPA label that proves the product met EPA specifications; if the product does not bear the EPA label then it cannot be sold as a dog treat that removes parasites in the state of Texas.

This site has DE in varying sized bags some of which can be sold to the state of Texas and some that cannot because it does not bear the EPA label:

Just google "diatomaceous earth Texas" - and you should have no problem finding DE in the state of Texas.

Posted by Sleepingbeauty (Philadelphia, Pa) on 06/06/2012

One week ago, I saw worms in my dog's stool and found this site. I immediately got a few cigarrettes and gave him a little more than half with his food. He's a Cocker Spaniel weighing about 35 lbs.. The next day I saw worms but they seemed like they were dead. After that I saw no more.

Yesterday, I took him to th vet with a stool sample from a bowel movement he made very early yesterday morning. I saw nothing and the vet's office said the sample was totally clear.

My husband told the vet that I used tobacco, and of course he said he never, ever heard of this, and he said that there could be eggs remaining up in the intestinal tract.

Sure enough, this morning, I saw live worms again.

I'm feeling confident about the tobacco, though. My instinct was to follow the first dose with a second dose to kill anything that might have remained to be hatched. I don't want to overdose him on tobacco, but he showed no adverse effects at all to what I gave him before. I even gave it to my cats just in case they were infected, too.

In addition, my dog has never had worms in 13 years. My husband suspected that he may have gotten them from being at a friends home just a few weeks prior. This house has four dogs and a cat. When he is with them, he is outside much longer as they stay in their yard more. We don't leave our dog out very long. With our friend, all our dogs are exposed for a much longer time to each other's fecal matter that remains in the backyard and the other outdoor variables that contribute to parasites.

It's very, very possible that the tobacco did the job the first time, and that he was reinfected when we took him over there again just this past weekend.

I will add an update in a week or so, but I believe the tobacco is effective!

Replied by Nh Gardener
(Sanbornton, Nh, Usa)

For Sleepingbeauty from Philadelphia for worms in dogs--Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) is the safest and most effective wormer--no danger of overdosing. Add 1 tsp. Daily to raw apple cider vinegar-dampened food; increase gradually to 1 -2 tsps. 2X/day. DE is inexpensive. Check internet for sources and for pet testinmonials.

Replied by Tea

Tobacco is a age old practice for worms. I'm in my 50s, growing up even on the farm everyone animals n humans ate some tobacco on a monthly basis and any new animals coming in got it too. Does not hurt you, just repels the worms. Clean up good and wash hands well. We always buried the waste after worming and added a little lime with it to dispose of it.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Tea!

What kind of tobacco did you use? How much did you eat - tablespoon or pinch or ??

I imagine that it was not the commercial product but a home grown one. When I last researched using tobacco for worming pets I the stories I found talked about the tobacco killing just as many puppies as it cured - so very curious as to what kind you ate and how much.

Replied by Mary
(Silver City, Nc)

What are the side effects of giving my puppy a little bit of tobacco to de-worm him?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Mary!

Side effects include:

  • Vomiting
  • Abnormal heart rate
  • Incoordination
  • Tremors
  • Weakness
  • Collapse
  • Death


Replied by Lesley

Wild Wolf Creek Ranch, I think that is what it is called. They have DE in bulk. Lots of information in this website.

Replied by Delilah K.
(Tulsa Ok)


Please don't give an animal tobacco products. Yes it will initially kill worms in varying stages of developement but it obviously doesn't kill the eggs. Tobacco is very toxic and chemicals are used on it during processing. You could kill your beloved pet!! Please research safe alternative methods, better yet stick with the vet.


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Posted by Candice (Mount Pleasant WI) on 05/06/2023

Yes I give to my dogs Gum Spirits (pine turp--not same as paint turpentine!)

Okay I am really into JENNIFER DANIELS MD . Her books are amazing. Her website has a free guide on taking turpentine for people. Its for "candida" but candida is fungus and what thrives on fungus???? Parasites. Thus why its great for those with parasites.

And if you have dogs/pets and garden, you have parasites. Jennifer Daniels says this whole parasites hysteria is overblown. That you just need to keep them under control and she has taken turpentine since 1994. She takes 1/2 tsp 2x a week.

So when I decided to try it for my dogs I wondered how to get it down quickly yet with sugar. So I wrapped up the dose of sugar and gum spirts in Black Forest ham. Which went down very quick with the dogs. I used a 1/2 tsp of sugar on a piece of Black Forest ham with 2 drops of turpentine on the sugar and gave to a 70lb Golden Retriever. Did the same for my Toto sized terrier of 40lbs. I gave her one drop. All went well, and so we up the dose every week one more drop . I plan to give the larger dog 1/4 tsp total after she has proven safely she can handle it. The other dog 3-4 drops.

Today my husband said the Golden had small worms so its working. I also give the dogs Dr. Goodpet vitamin C for dogs about 3x a week. Help their teeth and gums and their body. I also give them super silica (YouTube it) in their water.

I used the Dr. Vitamin C PLUS I LOVE THEIR Flea Tincture which keeps the dogs mellow and less itchy with fleas. I give NO flea meds anymore. This tincture is incredible. I used it all last Summer. That along with lots of vacuuming -totally worked. I also give the dogs Ivermectin 1x a month 6 months out of the year. And I give them Goat Dewormer 2-3x a year.

I read the whole thing and started out with two drops of turpentine after starting Cell Cores Bowel mover. Then when I was getting used to it and found it to work, I started my dogs on it. They are getting older and need extra help.

Whipworm Remedies

Posted by Janetnicks (Kalamazoo, MI) on 02/09/2014

Do you know how to get rid of whipworms?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Janetnicks!

"Wormwood" is reputed to be the most effective herbal remedy for whipworms. In researching possible doses I kept finding cautions about how dangerous this particular remedy is, and all the other research only yielded websites with various combined tinctures offered for sale.

I will add, there has been little well done research on natural alternative pet wormers. Herbal websites I have researched, along with advice from my own holistic vet, and from my own trials and errors in dealing with using natural wormers winds down to this: the most effective way to get rid of whipworms in a dog is Fenbendazole/Pancur from your vet.

Because of the long maturation cycle of young worms, a second deworming some 75 days or so after the first deworming is needed to fully clear the infection (easy to forget). Often another deworming in between these doses is recommended to further control the whipworm numbers.

Soil contaminated by whipworm eggs is contaminated for years. It is virutally impossible to remove the eggs from the soil or kill them. If you have heavy soil contamination you may wish to remove the contaminated soil to a depth of 3 feet and replace with clean soil, or adopt a quarterly or twice yearly worming protocol to keep your pet free of worms.


Posted by Zengirl (Fredericksburg, Va) on 08/31/2011

my dog has whipworms. I am going to try blackwalnut with clove and wormwood. I am also going to give him a clove of garlic 3 times a day. Can anyone give me dosing for my dog. he is 120 pounds.

on an off note I had 3 dogs that got kennel cough all at once. Garlic 3 times a day and it was gone within a week. just wanted to share that garlic does cure kennel cough.

thanks for any information you can provide.

Replied by Teriinttown
(Tacoma, Wa)

I gave my dog black walnut for several weeks and it didn't seem to clear the worms. A guy at the dog park told me to use Apple Cider vinegar. It cleared it right up.... Is there nothing that ACV doesn't fix?

My dog is 80 lbs, and I used a Tablespoon of ACV in her food twice a day for about 4 days and the worms are gone. It seemed like a lot, but she seemed to suffer no digestive issues from the ACV. You can adjust the dosage for your dog's weight.

It does need to be said that my dog really likes to eat, but just to make sure she ate it I mixed it with a gourmet moist food...

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