Parasite and Worm Remedies


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Posted by Marcia (Birmingham) on 04/15/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have been giving my Pomeranian garlic and garlic pills since she was a pup! She is flawless and has never ever had worms! There is no cure like a natural cure! People thinking Big Pharma is the way to go are killing their pets! My dog is on a totally natural regime and is gorgeous with luscious shiny fur and never sick! Afraid you are wrong! 0

Posted by Beth8954 (Pasco, Washington) on 06/20/2012
5 out of 5 stars

People who say garlic is bad for dogs you are completely wrong! I gave my dog garlic because I noticed he didnt wan to eat and I saw on animal planet that you can garlic to a dogs food to make it more tasty. So I did than a few days later I was out poop scooping and I noticed WORMS in my dogs poop. So by giving my dog garlic I was able to save him from the pain of having worms in his body.

Posted by Donyale (Columbus, Ohio) on 07/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have 4 wolves. One is a Timber wolf/ German Shepard. The other three are all in the high 90's as far as the wolf. Very little dog if any. About three weeks ago my husband and I thought our babies may have worms. So we took a stool sample to our vet and he told us that all four of the wolves had hookworms. The meds for all four of our wolves would have cost us $65.00 in all for all of them.Now my husband and I are not rich people so I did some nosing around on the internet and read up on Garlic cause a very wise old friend of mine once told me that Garlic can expel worms in dogs and Garlic can also prevent a worm infestation. So before I gave my wolves Garlic I looked it up on the internet and did my research. After two days of research I broke down and went to the store and bought some Fresh Garlic in clove form, came home and gave one clove each of Garlic to the wolves and in four days later in their stool were these live hookworms. Garlic will not kill the hookworms, what happens is that the Garlic cleans out the digestive track, now worms need a unclean place so they can thrive. Now by using Garlic to clean out the digestive track the worm will fall off the intestinal wall.The garlic also makes the blood of your pet taste and smell very foul. In my opinion Garlic is a wonder drug that is not only good for us humans to take daily but it works wonders for our four legged friends as well.

EC: Read much more about Garlic for Dogs here.

Posted by JoAnn (Manassas, VA/USA) on 07/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My 7 year old dog (ROXANNE) had been "uncomfortable" with herself for at least 3 weeks and had been "expressing" herself by chewing her feet and humping my beds, sofas and chairs.

On ANY day, it could be successfully argued that ROXANNE is a difficult/high maintenance MUTT (Rottweiler/Russian Shepherd/Basset mix) but, THIS TIME, she kept telling me -- and I had no problem recognizing her message -- that she was actually "in stress".


Initially, I attributed her discomfort to: (a) bugs (fleas and ticks -- trust me, not the problem), (b) the heat, and perhaps a rash she had developed and needed to "scratch" to the point of creating "sores" on herself; or (c) a food allergy (even though I've been feeding her "people food" -- along with her Science Diet menu -- as a TREAT ever since she was a puppy).

To these ends, I had been both showering and shampooing her (warm) and "hosing her down" (gently; cool) on a bi-daily basis (alternating between "commercial shampoo" and a baking soda/olive oil paste for relief).

In addition, I had been applying AloeVera, Olive Oil, NeoSporan and even some commercial "moisturizers" to her back and "hiney" areas (areas that seemed to be bothering her the most) on a regular basis.


After all of this and just six (6) days ago, she FINALLY squatted and rubbed her hiney on a patch of grass. My reaction:

Oh, my God! (and OK) She's got WORMS! (poor baby, but "fixable" and controllable!)


My Grandmother (God rest her soul) actually bred/raised cocker and springer spaniels in her NYC apartment during the 1930's and 1940's. In addition, she would "rescue" any/all strays that may come her way until the day she died (1985).

And one of the most significant (albeit basic) things she ever taught me about treating a dog with parasitic WORMS was to somehow get GARLIC into that dog's system (I know not about cats in this regard, but I can't see any reason why my Grandmother's "formula" wouldn't "work" for cats, too).


Day 1: I didn't have any clove garlic on hand, so I sprinked powdered garlic over ground beef ("hamburger meat"), cooked it, and fed it to ROXANNE (along with the same carrots, potatoes and peas I had earlier served to my own family).

After HOURS, there was no "appreciable" result.

Day 2: I purchased a GARLIC bulb at my local supermarket, took it home, broke it up, and BOILED 3 cloves in a nominal amount of water, sliced the cloves up, and poured the liquid over a couple of cans of commercial dog food.

And while ROXANNE gobbled up the meal, after HOURS of waiting, there was still no "appreciable" result.

Day 3: I was at my wits end, but totally believed that my Grandmother had told me TRUE about what to do (naturally) if/when a dog was experiencing this particular kind of "distress".

And so I boiled 2 more GARLIC cloves and, along with an approximate 1 T. of ground GARLIC, poured a "mixture" (which included this approx. 1/2 cup of water -- garlic cloves removed -- 1/4 cup Heavy Cream, 1/4 cup Half & Half and a can of Evaporated Milk into a bowl snd simply served it to her (cooled)).

Day 3 -- LATE NITE. ROXANNE awakens me, and tells me it is URGENT that she go outside and (very) reluctantly, I abide/consent/concede and respond to her "signal".

And, in retrospect, I am REALLY glad I did.

Because not only did ROXANNE "poop" like she had never done before (meaning 3 times, in various locations along our "path") but, when I "picked it up" (as is required by law) and "inspected" it (YUK! EWWW! and all of that), there were not only 2 really "super long" (but DEAD!) WORMS evident in her "elimination", but also evidence of "smaller" parasites ("white things") that had not survived our GARLIC onslaaught.


Day 4:

ROXANNE SLEPT for a really long time for her (perhaps 6 hours straight) after that particular "elimination experience".

But what was most STRIKING (to me, at least) is that, when she did eventually wake up from her nap, she was TOTALLY the smiling (yes, she DOES smile), dysfunctional (in so many ways, I just can't tell you!) MUTT (Rottweiler/Russian Shepherd/Bassett mix) I would do ANYTHING for (as she would do for me, I have NO doubt).

Day 4-6 (meaning, to present):

FINALLY, SHE was able to SLEEP. And therefore, so was I!

And FINALLY (and once again), it became a pleasurable experience (as far as I can take that) to "deal" with ROXANNE.

We (me and ROXANNE) have had 2 "good days" now.

And (optimist I usually am not), I am actually looking forward to many, many more days of ROXANNE being happily "cured".


Make no mistake: I will continue to watch for any/all other symptoms of ROXANNE's discomfort.

But as of right now, I feel pretty comfortable that her "problem" has been FIXED.

And I feel pretty stongly that's that's on account of GARLIC having been significantly imposed on her diet over the course of no fewer than 3 consecutive days.


IMO (and experience), my ROXANNE is perfectly imperfect.

It's been a difficult couple of weeks, but (especially after our most recent "trials"), I cannot thank my Grandmother (or GARLIC) enough -- specifically because, on account of ROXANNE feeling better, I, too, have been sleeping better and am feeling a whole lot better about a whole number of things now.