Parasite and Worm Remedies


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Posted by Rae (Epworth, Ia, Usa) on 02/01/2011
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Dont give the puppy garlic, it is poisonous. You can accidentally make it very sick or kill it.

The best thing you can do for this puppy is to either borrow money from someone or give the dog to someone that can afford to take care of it. Sometimes you can work out a payment plan with your vet.

If the dog is vomitting worms the infestation is likely severe, and you are right, it will die. But killing the puppy to kill the worm is not the way to go.

Posted by Veterinarian (Greeley, Colorado) on 01/05/2008
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I happened on to a post that suggested garlic would be a safe and effective parasite control remedy in cats. Garlic will cause a Heinz-body anemia in a cat and kill it. I don't appreciate herbal remedies -especially when there is evidence that one is ineffective or dangerous. I believe the site editor should do more research or be more responsible.


< 23 Dec 99, From Kath >

"Yes indeed, garlic and cats? One I've toyed with long enough. Here in UK Denes, a Natural Remedy and Petfood Company, sell 'Liquid Garlic' for cats (and those others) as a flea repellant (external) and general tonic (internal). I bought some in summer to help with a severe flea infestation.

Had only used it once when I came across the feline futures article and wrote to them:

they confirmed their view that it is not such a good idea and re-directed me to: for more information.

So I wrote to Denes who, extolling the virtues of garlic, replied: "... use of garlic in cats. While I appreciate your concern, I can assure you that I know of no incidences of garlic causing adverse effects in cats, when used at the recommended dose. On the contrary, there is documented and anecdotal evidence of its benefit in the management of several conditions, including skin problems, digestive disorders and respiratory problems, as well as in the prevention of endo- and ecto-parasites. Our veterinary advisor has many years of experience of using garlic successfully in his practice and I have several books that I regularly use here in the office, all of which extol the virtues of garlic in both cats and dogs. In case you would like to read any of them for yourself, the details are as follows:

FAIRGRIEVE, M. The natural way for dogs and cats. Mainstream Publishing. 1998 ALLPORT, R. Heal your cat the natural way. Mitchell Beazley. 1997 (I have the dog version, but have used the cat version) HOFFMAN, M. The doctor's book of home remedies for dogs and cats. Rodale Press Inc.1996

"The founder of our company, Buster Lloyd Jones, noticed that dogs and cats seek out those herbs that they know, instinctively, will help them when they are ill, garlic among them. However, no product, whether natural or synthetic, can be 100% safe and it should not be taken in excess and only according to manufacturer's instructions. Cats are very discerning animals and do not normally eat those plants that will do them harm. Again, they seem to have an instinct about which ones to avoid, as well as which ones will do them good. Our Liquid Garlic is for external use only and I recommend our Garlic Tablets as a daily supplement to maintain good health and repel fleas. I hope this information puts your mind at rest.