Parasite and Worm Remedies

Cayenne Pepper and Raw Garlic

Posted by Vince F (USA) on 01/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I haven't had a lot of luck with vets, so I try home remedies when I can think of or find them. I think cayenne Might work on worms also. I think Hooks attach, and might not consume it, but it just might make the environment inhospitable. Could try it in food, but better may be in a capsule, so it released in the intestines. I have empty capsules from things I wanted to try working in my stomach, so you could empty one of things you have in capsules, to try it. I'd try it with and without salt. Don't know if salt would make a difference.

Another thing to try is garlic. I had an aquatic turtle that had a tape worm. I think I might have given it to it, by feeding it a fly I killed. They used to sell dried flies as turtle food, and I Thought I'd give it Fresh Food. (( A few days later I see a white tape coming out of it's butt. I didn't want to get near the tank, for fear I might get some water on me, and didn't know if the eggs would be floating. Called a chemist friend who had lots of pets and Asked him if he knew a remedy. Ones in pet store were for mammals, and one cap was for 2 lbs of animal, and the turtle probably weighed a few oz. He kept land tortoises, but had no idea what to try. I pestered him and he remembered that his barber told him his mom used to give them garlic to prevent worms. Had to figure how to get garlic into an aquatic turtle, and put some garlic powder wrapper in a small piece of thin, minute steak, and offered it on a tiny spatula. It ate it and the next day the tape was gone. From my experiences, I like to mix as little as possible with something I am giving, in case it gets mixed in and not as effective. When I needed to take Loads of salt to function in the heat, no matter how much I put on food, it didn't do what taking it straight with water did, so I say, keep it simple if you can when trying something. Garlic inside a capsule would be the simplest if they won't eat it, and don't give an awful lot, since it can thin the blood.