Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Dogs and Cats

| Modified: Apr 23, 2013
Add New Post You've added Omega-3 supplements to your healthy diet, so don't forget to provide these healthy fatty acids to your pet as well!

Omega-Three fatty acids -- as you will find in coldwater fish, flaxseed, and other dietary sources -- are being promoted by ever more health studies as the "healthy fats" that the body needs in its every cell for cell structure and proper metabolic function. Few of us get enough Omega-3s, and the same is often true for our pets. Fortunately, lots of supplemental Omega-3 sources are available.

Natural Cures: Providing your pet with enough dietary or supplemental Omega-3 fatty acids can help give your pet a healthy coat, improve immune function, strengthen skin and organs, and help improve your pet's cardiovascular health.