Natural Remedies for Lipomas in Dogs and Cats

Castor Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Frankincense Oil
Posted by Darlene (A) on 07/09/2017

My Samoyed has had a Lipoma that started out the size of a golf ball. It was round on all sides, including where it is attached under his skin. After researching online I started following a castor oil+frankincense oil+tea tree oil regime. It did break out of the 'skin' sheath leaving exposed raw lipoma. I did it once a day, and got the lipoma down to a large mushroom cap size with a 'stem.' It is now hanging by a flap of skin but still attached, smells ghastly, but oozes the 'matter' daily.

I have been bandaging it because it is messy. Are those of you who are achieving success bandaging or leaving it open? How much castor oil are you applying? Are you drenching the area or just a few drops? Are you doing 1X a day, 2X a day; 3?


Getting discouraged as this has gone on for a few months now...