How to Build Muscle Mass and Endurance in Dogs

| Modified on Jun 30, 2022
Muscle Mass Remedies
Posted by Elya (Boston, MA, US) on 08/21/2014

Hi, I used to be on the site but haven't been in a long time and don't know how to navigate it. I can't figure out how to search it if the info I want doesn't show up after I put it into the search box. I need info on how to increase my 3-legged dog's muscle mass (particularly in the 1 existing hind leg.). Thanks so much for this site. I've recommended it to friends over the years. It's really helped me.

EC: Hi Elya, we don't have any info on this topic and have just created a new page for you.

Muscle Mass Remedies
Posted by Jeremy (Turlock, Ca) on 10/30/2017

I have a 12yo choc lab that's always been very active but recently been fighting a few painful issues...spondelosis and arthritis in her shoulders causing her to drag her from paws. My gf works for a vet that uses a "water treadmill" to build mass in dogs without putting strain on their joints. My dogs about to start training in it to build up mass she's lost due to her injuries. Look into that, it can really improve dogs... good luck

Muscle Mass Remedies
Posted by Sam (Adelaide, Australia ) on 06/30/2022 18 posts

As anyone has success in building muscle mass in an elderly dog? My dog is really frail and back legs are collapsing as there is no muscle tone.

It all went downhill almost a year ago when he decided to eat a whole heap of gravel and was rushed to the emergency vet. After numerous enemas, tube down throat and multiply xrays he lived but it ruined him inside and out. He went from jumping in my car and going on long walks to can not do either. Legs collapse out from him. Sad to watch.

I have been getting him Bowen therapy and was going to do acupuncture, however that is way too expensive for me.

Any help, please