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Turmeric and Clove Tincture
Posted by Shelagh (PBG, Florida) on 09/14/2008

Hi there! I'm a newby here & thrilled to find your web site. I fostered a 3 month old yellow lab mix (or so my friend thought...) pup came complete with a goopy hot spot on side of his neck. I immediately dusted this with some powdered turmeric, and lo! Two dustings, 12 hours apart & he was cured. I impressed myself.
And ended up keeping this guy; now named Ronin, & found to be a Rhodesian Ridgeless. Yikes.
A neighbor's white retriever, Chloe, used to get horrible hot spots which she used to lick until she was bloody & bald on these areas. I used a medieval remedy of whole cloves steeped in alcohol (I used cheap vodka). Dabbed clove tincture onto hot spots to ease the pain; once the pain was gone (immediately!) she stopped the licking & my friend could move onto healing the hot spots. She was a vet tech & could not believe my remedy worked.
Love your site, am glad to be 'here'...