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Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Angela (Birmingham, Al) on 04/12/2011


My 5 year old Shitzhu recently began itching and biting at her fur to the point some of it was coming out. After researching some possible remedies, I treated her hot spots and irritation with Tea Tree Oil. Luckily, my dog is also like my shadow and she always has my attention. Within 6 hours of treating her with Tea Tree Oil (applied with a Cotton ball) I noticed she was not herself, she was not as energetic, did not want to use her back legs, did not use the bathroom, etc.

I immediately took her to the vet where I was informed that Tea Tree Oil is poisonous to dogs. Depending on the size/weight it can also be fatal. Thankfully, she is ok, but she received a round of fluids and charcoal pills to absorb the poison along with 6 baths to get the remaining oil off of her skin. Please see this as a warning. I would not want this to happen to anyone else and I am happy that she just received a small dose. TEA TREE OIL IS POISONOUS TO DOGS!!! Good luck and God Bless. Angela from Alabama