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Posted by jamie (jacksonville, ar) on 10/19/2007

let me start by saying i have 4 english bulldogs . As owners of these breeds know , that they have many health problems that can arise . We just got a 1year and half female from a friend , she had kept her in a cage all day and let her out for a couple of hours at night and then it was back in the cage , now she has free range of the house , just the bedroom kitchen and living area , So she is not confined to one place and not in a cage . But she has the other dogs to contend with and they bully her i think , she is soooo sweet and smart and i don't think she understands that we have to go to work and leave her for 8 hours a day , so i think her hot spots are now being caused by anxiety and lack of attention , i have one that has to be in my lap if i am sitting and another one with my husband - so she is left out sometimes . She has develpoed horrible hot spots and scratches all the time , and i have not changed anything . So it may be weather related also .

My husband encountered a bad hot spot on his last male years ago and it got so bad , in one day that the poor dog had to be in the vets office over night for observation .. the vet gave him Sulphur cream to put on it . Now i can only find sulphur powder and mix with no , perfume , dye or additives lotion . They go away within an hour , no lie an hour they have turned crusty and she isn't itching any longer .. needless to say this is going to be a weekend for her . I am going to take her everywhere i go and love on her as much as possible . Please if all else fails or you have given up and have multiple vet bills then please try Sulphur , it is natures miracle .. thanks for all the suggestions on this site -- i am going to try the oatmeal baths and ACV baths as well . thanks and be well