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Gentian Violet
Posted by Marianne (Chepachet, Ri) on 10/12/2009

hi everyone!! i have seen many unfortunate dogs over the years; who for many different reasons, have suffered from severe itching, red bellies, and inside of ears, and horrible hot spots on legs, base of tail, and bottom of paws. what i find works best is; go to the pharmacy, and ask the pharmacist for gentian violet, they mix it up fresh, or have to order it, it has a very short shelf-life. it`s a viricide, fungicide, and a bacteriacide. i start out by giving the animal a warm bath, with any moiturizing anti-bacterial soap; rinsing well, and using a vineagar rinse. i rip up an old towel in squares, that can be thrown away after one use. apply the gentian violet with a damp towel square, making sure it has soaked in well to all of the wounds. it`s ok to lick, they used to put it in baby`s mouths for thrush, it`s bright dark blue, but you`ll learn to live with it. wash, rinse, and reapply to areas when the beight color has faded out, about once a day, and bathe as you feel you should, about once a week. using a grain-free food, keeping an anxious dog calm, and well-exercised and busy also helps. i have seen this work wonders, and no steroids, or invasive meds are involved. just passing along what i have seen help these poor dogs, it`s just awful to see them suffer so.