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Posted by Jory (Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada) on 01/19/2009

Bailey's Skin Rescue is a special combination of tea tree, lavender essential oils and acidophilus in an all natural botanical cream base which also includes extracts of chamomile, avocado, echinacea, green tea, cucumber and sea kelp and various plant oils.

Tea tree and lavender essential oils have anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties and have inhalant properties which are also said to help boost the immune system. The acidophilus provides friendly normal bacteria at the skin's surface to assist as well, and the special cream base keeps the skin supple and helps with cutaneous delivery of the essential oils.

The great thing about this formula, is that it stops itching almost on contact and the healing process starts right away. Anyone who has ever had a dog that has developed an itchy skin condition like hot spots, etc. knows that the itching causes the dog to lick or scratch and keep irritating the site -- this stops the itching, so the dog is not licking or scratching and the healing can begin. This also relieves a lot of stress on the dog.