Homeopathic Remedies for Pets

| Modified on Sep 21, 2016
Veterinary homeopathy is a strong branch of homeopathic practice, and it can offer a number of natural cures for your pets and animals that other medicines and remedies may not handle as well. Homeopathic remedies such as arnica can be successfully used on our pets to treat common ailments. This can be a nice alternative to veterinary drugs and can sometimes treat ailments that vets are unable to address, such as arthritis in dogs.

The basic concept of homeopathy is to use exceedingly diluted therapeutic solutions, which makes homeopathic remedies safer than many home cures while still offering many pet owners effective cures to infections, chronic ailments, and as general health tonics for their pets.

Homeopathic Home Remedies for Pets: Homeopathy can offer alternative therapies for vaccinations, heart health, arthritic pets, hot spots, and other animal health impairments. A holistic vet can be an excellent resource for homeopathic options, but the following posts from ECers offer a wealth of pet owner knowledge about pet health and wellness!

General Feedback

Posted by Chrylrx (Santa Clarita, Ca) on 11/06/2010

Our 10 year old Dalmatian mix has recently been diagnosed with megaesophagus and I was wondering if anyone knew of a homeopathic and/or natural way to treat this problem? Any help you can give would be appreciated. We have built her the Bailey chair to eat in and that has helped tremendously but if there is anything else to help her I'd love to know. Thanks!

General Feedback
Posted by Robert (Martinez, Ca, Usa) on 03/02/2010

I used various homeopathic remedies for pet ailments & there are few Vets who include this in their practise.This would disprove the belief of allopathy that it is fraud as animals are not so influenced by suggestion as humans.Info on homeopathy is widely available on the net & can have amazing results with no adverse side effects. Remember the 'rule' for homeopathy is not more is better. One tablet is as effective as more than one, so you can save money by this 'rule'.

Replied by Janice
(Coloma, Mi)

Hi Robert..I have been fortunate in being able to find a Vet who has turned to homeopathic medicine. She said if you use more than two pellets you are just wasting your money.

Replied by Sasha
(Toronto, Ontario)

Classical Homeopathy Pets group


The members help owners learn how to look up symptoms and choose the best remedy for ACUTE and FIRST AID situations only. The group is dedicated to Learning Classical Homeopathy as left to us by Hahnemann in his Advanced Methods.

Replied by Sasha

Would these pellets be thuja? my dog is suffering autoimmune .thks