Diatomaceous Earth Benefits for Pets


Posted by Katzie (Calgary, Canada) on 07/30/2023

Diatomaceous Earth use Topically for infections in Dogs

A week ago I encountered a puppy (approx 3 months), who had a massive infection in both shoulders! The puppy was in agony and was crying out in pain. I picked up the little fella and took him home.

I figure he was maybe hit by a car, as I have never seen infection pockets on both shoulders! Pockets of infection were on both sides, big ones. The first night he was crying out in pain every 10 mins; it was awful. I did spray him with colloidal silver, but he was scared of my spray bottle and would limp away when he saw it.

Knowing from previous experience that D.E. will draw an infection to the surface, I threw some on him the next day. Within 20 mins, one of the shoulders (the worst one) started draining! I could smell the infection coming out of him. Well, I kept doing this every day and the infection was so massive it took 4 days to drain both sides! I had been wishing for a vet to be nearby (one wasn't, and we wouldn't be near one for a week), so he could get a needle aspiration and remove all that puss. But D.E. did the trick for us.

So for this particular puppy, born in the forest, injured and in agony, D.E. topically brought the infections to the surface and facilitated draining. I remember reading on here a poster that said infection has a negative charge and D.E. has a positive one (or maybe the reverse)? Anyways, on both humans, cats and dogs, an infection has been brought out and drained. So D.E. was used on my new puppy "Leo", on his ear mites, his fleas, for deworming AND topically on his massive infections! All for about the cost of $2!!!

I Love Diamotacepus Earth!! For humans and animals!

Stay well, everybody. Bless us all!!


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Posted by Lisa (Wichita Falls, Texas) on 06/14/2010


Tina, I have only used DE in food for parasites in the body of pets.

Mange is a mite, but it is under the skin, so I don't see how the DE would help. DE looks like flour, but it is actually something that comes out of the ocean and is ground up .It is like fiber glass to bugs. It scratches their body when that come in contact with it and they basically just dry up! For mange all I have ever used is cotton balls and plain old cooking oil. I just rub the oil everywhere that the pet's hair is getting thin. I do this twice a day for about a week or so. If the mange is bad, then it will have to be put on longer. But, if they lick it, it will not make them sick! If there are any scabby places that they can get with the mange, I just put peroxide 3 times a day until the places are well. Oil will get on things, so I just put an old blanket or something for them to lay on. I would rather do this than to put something on them that will make them sick.

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Posted by Rebekah (Spotsylvania, VA ) on 03/28/2021

I have horses and dogs.

I had a dog, she passed from old age. But at age 12 she started to have troubles getting up in the morning after a long sleep and also had problems climbing a flight of stairs. I started her on 1 tablespoon of DE and within 2 days saw a dramatic improvement, on the third day it was as if she never had a problem and got up as her usual self and climb those stairs without a problem for the next 1.5 yrs until she started to decline as old age was getting to her. The DE helped her live her old age life to its fullest without mobility issues.

I have a horse that has been on DE for 5 years now. He use to get bad Abscess on 1 hoof. After just 6 months on DE he had no more issues. I transitioned him from an expensive all natural joint health supplements to DE over a period of 1 year. No experience of joint issues at all or Abscess.

I have another horse who doesn't digest dry foods at all. Meaning Hay, or any type of pellets (dry), or sry feed. I put her on 2 cup of DE and within 3 weeks she didn't only gain weight but was getting over weight. Had to slow down on her morning feed significantly, about half the amount. She maintained her nice shape all through winter. Once she was on Pasture, I lower the DE dosage to 1 cup during the Spring through end of Fall for benefits purposes. Saved me several hundred dollars a month on feed including lots of Alfalfa.

Just a basic idea of how much I fed her before starting her on DE to even help a little with weight. 2 full huge scoops of Alfalfa cubes daily including her, Alfalfa pellets, Oats, garlic powder, coconut powder and flaxseed. I use to spend at least 300 a month if not more just on her feed. Now, it's down to $100 every 2 months. Instead of Alfalfa pellets, I give her Timothy pellets. And I only give Alfalfa cubes as treats now.

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Posted by Vreed27 (Seattle, Wa) on 07/28/2012

Yes she is trying to get your money. You can buy ten pounds of Food Grade DE on the internet for about $20 with shipping included!

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Posted by Lesley (Neenah, Wi) on 03/13/2010

Ted, or anyone else, have any of you tried food grade diatomacious earth (DE)? It sure SEEMS to dry everything up fast, including MY white heads, dogs white heads, dogs' black heads (which came pooping out themselves, to be combed out easily with a flea comb) much else. It seems to be so effective at drying out shells/bodies of insects (fleas etc) and so safe, it made me try to use it as a dusting powder on the dog at the site of demodex infection. It certainly SEEMED to work.

I was so pleased (this before Dx with demodex). The vet thought TOO drying and told me to stop as antibiotics were started. My little old shih tzu girl became worse and worse.

When I restarted, (after visiting dog dermatologist who also said not to use, and AFTER things were looking really bad again) once again it all seemed to calm right down.

I also contacted a holistic vet who endorsed it on the site that I purchased the product from and she said it could be used as a cure for generalized demodex, but that I had to purchase her "package" ($125) for her further help.

Somehow, that seemed funny to me--my experience is vets who have answers try to give out that info as much as possible. Am I overly suspicious?



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Posted by Jennifer (San Angelo, Tx) on 01/27/2017

Diatomaceous earth,

I ordered a ten pound bag on Amazon for $22 (10 lbs is excessive haha oops didn't read the fine print when I ordered) I have been ingesting it, 1tbs in a glass of water in the morning & noticed the effects that evening.

Originally bought it to treat my dog of suspected hook worm & I kid you not in ten minutes he was more like himself than he had been in weeks. After a week he's gained all his weight & zest for life! I'm going to make toothpaste next BC I read it's remineralizing & the contents of commercial toothpaste is horrifying so I'm sold even without my personal experience in a week's time!

Posted by Gardengirl (Gallatin , Tn. U.s.a.) on 04/19/2013

I just want to share my good news about getting rid of parasites in my mixed hound dog (Lucy), she was coughing, losing weight and starving all the time. I had already tried worm pills ( didn't do the job). I really was getting worried that I might lose her. Started putting 1 T. Of DE in her food, which was a lot for her body weight (25lbs. ), wanted to make sure it worked good. Well, that was 3 weeks ago , now no coughing, has gained weight, lots of energy. I also have 2 other dogs, so it a great cure for fleas( dust them ) works GREAT!!!!!

Posted by Mia (Manchester, Ct) on 03/05/2012

We have been giving DE to our cat two times a day with her food for three months. It has done nothing to take care of her tape worm. This may be because it is mixed in with her moist food. We will not be trying DE to take care of the fleas that I'm sure are coming our way now that spring has come and we have small worm bits hiding around our house. I do not want any animals or people to breathe in tiny glass like fragments in dust form. Our cat will be going to the vet shortly to have the worms taken care of.

Replied by Tee
(St Joe, Mo)

Your animal will not be breathing in shards of glass! Diatomaceous earth FOOD GRADE is nothing more than diatoms (algea) and ground shell etc. All organic all natural nothing toxic and nothing dangerous in it. for Gosh sakes who in heaven said it was glass???? It DOES work. If you didn't see results, you didn't use enough or you didn't use consistently. I have been taking it for nearly a month now myself with excellent results, it took care of our flea problem within 24 hours and my nieces bed bug problem! It is awesome - read before you scare people!

Replied by Melissa

If you read about it tapeworm is not one of the worms it helps get rid of. Research research research

Posted by Mirra (Cullowhee, Nc) on 05/16/2011

Don't worry about your kitties inhaling the earth if you properly mix it in with wet food. It's fine.

Posted by Teresa (Gulfport, Ms/usa) on 04/16/2011

DE is available in food grade. I've given to my chihuahua for parasites with no problems! Found in most garden centers.

Posted by Don (Gardner, Ma) on 04/15/2011


The only Diatomaceous Earth products you should use inside your home are those that are Human Grade Formula. Many outdoor Diatomaceous Earth products/posions contain added chemicals that can be harmful to humans/pets.

Be Safe, Not Sorry.

Posted by Angela (Scotia, Ny, Usa) on 01/24/2011

I gave my cat diatamatious earth for her worm problem. She seemed to get sick and was hacking and coughung alot. So I quit giving it to her. It didnt bother my other two cats at all. Does that mean that it was doing its job??? PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT

Replied by Kcin Ar
(Russellville, Ar Usa)

To Angela from Scotia, Ny, Usa- PLEASE never give your kitties diatomaceous earth!! I understand it can be inhaled and since it's like tiny microscopic shards of glass, it gets stuck in their lungs! I've heard of people who dusted their cat for fleas with it and it killed the cat!

Replied by Jazz
(Blackpool, United Kingdom)

Yes it means the diatomaceus earth(DE) was working. As the worms die they release toxins, your cat must have a large amount of worms. However DE absorbs the toxins once u start giving DE you should not stop for at least 3 weeks until all the eggs have died.

Replied by Lorie
(Richmond, Virginia)

It was probably a detox symptom. Parasites will go everywhere in the body, including the lungs. I would keep giving it to the cat.

Replied by Neil
(Morgantown, WV)

The food grade Diatomaceous Earth was actually doing it's job and removing the parasites as it should but then you got scared and stopped it. The fact that your other cats were doing well should have been the indication everything was fine. This was classic respiratory parasite elimination.

Posted by Joey (Kingston, Ontario Canada) on 01/08/2011

About the Dia. Earth 'dirt': I bought a bag (35 lbs! ) at our local farm centre - ensure you buy food grade. I take a teasp daily for colon health..... It is also good for your pet health - worms - have seen the results. I use it in the garden for grubs, use in the basement to control spiders. Since we can no longer use pesticides this is the best all round product for home/garden that is safe.

Posted by Mhunt13104 (Carrollton, Tx ) on 08/26/2010

I use food grade diatomaceous earth to deworm all of my farm animals. It does a great job and yes you can see dead worms in the stool. The worms do not evacuate to other parts of the body, that information is false. The worms are killed on contact with the diatomaceous earth.

Posted by Lithrassa (Los Angeles, California) on 05/09/2010

my dog is susceptible to tapeworms, even with flea medicine. he's 6 and gets tapeworms once, sometimes twice, a year. i was tired of spending $75.00 each time i went to the vet for the pill. plus, i wanted to give him a natural treatment. i tried the pumpkin seeds and they worked okay. i read about diatomaceous earth and thought i'd try it. i'm so glad i did! it worked wonders. my dog is 90 lbs. so i gave him 2 heaping tablespoons in his food and later that day his stool had pieces of dead tapeworms and 1 live one. the next day i gave him 1 tablespoon and later that day his stool had only dead pieces. the third day (today) his stool was clean. so it only took two days. i gave him another tablespoon today just to be safe and i think i'll continue for another day or two just to clean out his system, but thank you for this wonderful suggestion. oh, and it costs just cents per tablespoon! nice bonus.

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