Diatomaceous Earth Benefits for Pets

Posted by Lisa (Wichita Falls, Texas) on 06/14/2010


Tina, I have only used DE in food for parasites in the body of pets.

Mange is a mite, but it is under the skin, so I don't see how the DE would help. DE looks like flour, but it is actually something that comes out of the ocean and is ground up .It is like fiber glass to bugs. It scratches their body when that come in contact with it and they basically just dry up! For mange all I have ever used is cotton balls and plain old cooking oil. I just rub the oil everywhere that the pet's hair is getting thin. I do this twice a day for about a week or so. If the mange is bad, then it will have to be put on longer. But, if they lick it, it will not make them sick! If there are any scabby places that they can get with the mange, I just put peroxide 3 times a day until the places are well. Oil will get on things, so I just put an old blanket or something for them to lay on. I would rather do this than to put something on them that will make them sick.