Fever Remedies

| Modified on Oct 18, 2013
Low Grade Fever Remedies
Posted by Jane (Portland) on 10/17/2013

My golden retriever was hiding under our dining room table this morning when I got up instead of on her bed in our bedroom. Last night she was fine. She did her business in the yard, but refused breakfast. I made her some boiled chicken, which she ate. I decided to take her to the vet, who told me she has a low grade fever (103. 1) and ran a blood panel on her and found nothing out of the ordinary. She is still panting and lethargic this afternoon. Anything I can do to help her? Does this sound like a virus? The only thing different is that I opened a new bag of dog food 2 days ago. Otherwise, nothing... She normally goes on 2 walks a day. Thank you in advance!!