Natural Remedies for Cushing's Disease in Dogs


Posted by Grandixie (Little Rock, Ar) on 07/25/2015

My sweet, sweet Boston Terrier Bruce has just been diagnosed with Cushing's. He is 12 1/2 and has been really healthy until this set back. I got online and have read for days about changing his food to raw, adding fish oil and many other things. I'm a bit overwhelmed at this point with all the info out there. I read about the U of Tennessee havung great results with the supplement Supraglan. I just ordered it yesterday and wondered if anyone has used this and what results have you had. Any help as to where to start on this journey with my precious Bruce would be greatly apreciated. I'm on a fixed income but I will do without to provide for him. Thanks

Replied by Maureen

Do you know if ACV is of any benefit to dogs diagnosed with Cushings please?

Replied by Spirits Mom
(Kc, Mo)

My 13 1/2 year old chihuahua has cushings AND kidney disease and the vet wants me to decide if I will use trilostane or mitotane. I'm uncomfortable with both and like you have become overwhelmed with all the information. I looked into the Supraglan you ordered thinking maybe I would try it too, and wanted to share with you what I found - this article clearly states to stay away from Supraglan.

Replied by M Mccullough

Try going on They have a product called Adrenal Harmony Gold, specifically for Cushings disease. You'll want to read their positive testimonies. I ordered a bottle and my 14 yr old Boston Terrier is on her 6th day of treatment. I don't do specific recipes; she eats well as I've always fed her grain free kibble and she's very lively for her age; will continue to feed same till I see results of any decrease in her voracious appetite for food and water...hope this helps....blessings!

Replied by Darlene
(Isanti, Mn)

I too have a Boson Terrier with cushings and would love to talk to the lady in Ar.

Replied by Dee

My dog has cushings disease and want to control the symptoms naturally. I controlled most of the symptoms. Still need to control my dog Jake's content late afternoon & evening hunger. This Lignans for Life web site and article from Dr. Jack Oliver helped me. I give my dog a healthy diet, Flaxseed Lignans, Melatonin, Milk thistle, Multi vitamin, Vitamin E, Kelp powder, enzyme & probiotic powder, organic plain Kefir, Omega 3 oil, Chic seeds, . I make homemade chicken broth with added gelatin powder and 2 tbsp. Apple cider vinegar, and feed Jake a healthy diet. 3 days a week I add cold pressed olive oil in his foods. Also I give Jake the 12 cell salts which give him energy and helps his weak back legs.

Posted by Horsecrazy (Savannah, Ga) on 05/27/2009

Question: I have a donkey who has had cushings for at least 5 years. He has responded extremely well to a cushings formula I found at I only named it because I do not know the amounts of items in the formula and if they are safe for dogs but it thought it would be worth looking into. Contains: ginko, nettle, peppermint, wormwood. Have also seen chaste berries included in many holistic formulations, again I don't know the safety with dogs. Wondered if these would help cushings in dogs?

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Posted by Peggy (Manhattan, Illinois) on 01/26/2010
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Help for Dog's cushings

My now 16 year old Samoyed mix was diagnosed with cushings three years ago. I have been giving her a suppliment called Dogtorrx Humanofort. This product has made a huge improvement with her symptoms. I have also consulted with a holistic veterinarian that does classical homeopathy. These remedies have also helped relieve the symptoms. This vet's practice is 98% classical homeopathy and has many years of experience.

I have also found that high levels of toxins especially from pesticides,(what they spray for mosquetoes in our area) and fertilizers seem to be a trigger for cushings. Products that remove these type of toxins are also very helpful. I have fed her a raw diet most of her life. She still has her eye sight. We continue to walk one to two miles a day. Another product you might look into is a pure oxygen product. I use Cellfood and find it to keep her mentally stable. She is presently in the very late stages of cushings and I continue to research products that may keep her quality of life that she is used to.

Replied by Sarabelle
(South Bend, In, USA)

I've noticed a lot of dogs BEFORE getting Cushing's Disease have been over-medicated. A lot of vets are so quick to want to put our dogs on heart medicine "just in case", as well as steroids and other ridiculous drugs. I believe this causes the disease, among other illnesses, in our furry friends.

My grandparents' Sheltie used to be a vibrant, beautiful dog, then the vet wanted to put him on all sorts of medicines for minor things! Two years later, he is in pitiful shape with Cushing's Disease.

Now, our Standard Poodle and my parents' own Sheltie have NEVER been medicated outside of the typical rabies, etc. , vaccines, and they are both healthy and beautiful. Just like people, we don't need to be so quick to medicate our dogs.

Another thing I have learned: My father's friend had a small dog with this disease when someone finally said, "Get that dog off of all medication and the steroids NOW. " Instead, she gave him raw chicken mixed with 1-2 tablespoons of plain yogurt. She said her dog became more energetic and the disease started clearing up.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

If you read the Wikipedia description about the disease, toward the bottom it talks about the disease being doctor induced - via steriods and I think I read antibiotics somewhere else.

Replied by Linda
(W.minot, Me.)

I just stumbled across this site and have learned so much, thank you all, my Little Lasa-poo is currently having the Testing for Cushings, she has all the Symptoms..I felt so guilty thinking it was my Fault I didn't pay close enough attn. to her weight or so I thought it wasn't until she had a ravenous Appetite and uncontrollable thirst for water, not to mention a couple of accidents in the House, that I knew something was wrong..I love her so much, she is my little girl, she will be 8 in June..I am guilty of the bag food, canned food, all the pet chemicals for fleas etc...Which after this, I am so going to make Life changes for her, Thanks to all of you! I need any and all address you can post for Holistic food, supplements, etc..I do not want my little to go through anymore hell than she please help..Thank You So Much! ...Linda & Lucy!

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Linda! Sorry to hear about your dog's Cushing's diagnosis. Raw high protein diets are best. If raw is not possible feed them a grain free, potato free, high protein, high quality canned food such as Instinct canned or Vital chub rolls. Check out this site and look at the top end/5 star brands for high protien, grain free, potato free options: Http://

Replied by Linda Larry
(Cottonwood, Az.)

Where may I purhase Cushex drops for my 15 year old Jack Russel?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Linda!

I have not purchased or used this product but I found it instantly with a google search. Try doing a google search "cushex drops cottonwood AZ" to find locations near you that may have it readily available. If nothing else it is available mail order/online. Good luck!

Replied by Carole
(Eagan, Mn)

I see that there are two types of Cushex Drops-M and Cushex Drops-S. Can the two be used together or do you use one or the other?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Carole!

Please inquire directly to the manufacturer and let us know what you learn about this product:

Replied by Michele
(Burso, Ca)

My horse was recently diagnosed with Cushings. Can I give her the same remedies as for dogs?

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