Cortisone Shot Side Effects in Pets

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Adam T (Wa Australia) on 08/25/2015

Cortisone killed my cat. Had a growth is his throat which was tiny, got bigger I think due to an injection given to him by a home vet . I think once it got air all the cells spread and got bigger. Despite this he was still his normal self and played outside and ate heaps etc. Heaps of energy. The first shot he stemmed fine . Had another shot a week later. That was the end of him. The next day he wasn't making any noise and just slept all day. During the next few days he was really bad , not eating, not moving, looking depressed and rapid breathing. One night he could barely sit up, drooped over. The 4th day his body split open , looked like a burst tumor. My boy went berserk with the " immunisation " never seen him like that. He must have known that was going to be his downfall. The cortisone set him off and I know for a fact that was what made him Real sick because he changed completely for the worse after it.

Cortisone is horrible. Don't get it for your pet. It kills them.

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Jennifer (Amarillo, Tx) on 07/15/2015

Out 12 year old Dachshund was having lots of itching and yeast infections. The vet suggested a steroid shot. We agreed. Within 48 hours of the shot our precious dog was lethargic, withdrawn, panting and not eating. The breathing got worse so we contacted the vet who said that can happen and bring him in if it worsens?? Within hours our dog was dead...all over a shot to stop itching! We are devastated and this was so preventable.

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Doris (Phillipsburg , Nj ) on 07/05/2015

My dog was given steroids for itching, and developed Cushing's disease and internal bleeding. After 3 months of round the clock care, she died. It cost me over $10 K to try to save her. I still miss her everyday. Don't believe the vets - cortisone is NOT safe for dogs.

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Jeannie (Wv) on 05/16/2015

These posts have solved a 10 year mystery for me.

in 2002, I took my Great Dane in for a regular check-up and the vet said he heard a heart murmur. He explained dogs can live a long time with them and it was nothing to worry about. So I didn't...

By 2005, we had moved and I had a new vet. By then, the dog was 9 years old (old for a GD), and having trouble with arthritis. Omega 3 fish oil pills helped for a while. Then, the vet said she could give her cortisone shots but explained, if used over a long period of time, they could cause kidney failure. No other side-effects were mentioned. (The heart murmur was never discussed; I assumed she knew of it because she had listened several times). I decided to take the risk to ease the dog's pain, as she would likely not live long enough for kidney failure to kick in.

She got 3 shots over a period of a few months without any abnormal side effects that I recall. Maybe some extra drinking, but she drank a lot of water anyway. Each time, she perked right up and would prance around like a puppy for 3-4 weeks before starting to slow down again.

When it was time for her 4th shot, there was a substitute vet, as mine was on vacation. Everything went fine in the office. But, when we got home, I took her for her walk and she didn't make it far before she had to lay down. Her back legs had completely given out and she never regained her strength. Lethargy set in, she stopped eating and wouldn't move.

Within five days, I had my regular vet come put her down at home. We both chalked it up to the cortisone just wasn't doing it anymore, but I wasn't fully convinced because she dropped so quickly after the shot.

Looking at pictures later, I realized how much weight she had lost in the course of the regiment. I remembered she had not been weighed as was the usual practice before giving her the shot. So, I thought the substitute vet may have given her an overdose for her size. But I never knew for sure.

Now, I think it was the heart issue, and the cortisone exacerbated any congestive heart failure that may have developed from the murmur. I'll see if my thinks that was a possibility.

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Pam (Bristow, Va) on 01/05/2015

My cat starting having uti issues in September and took Orbax. The systems came back in December and she lost some weight. Bloodwork, ultrasound, xrays, etc revealed no known issues. Suggested I take her to a specialist, but she was 16-years-old and didn't make sense to spend another $1,000. No vomiting or diarrhea just some blood in the urine. She started losing weight so the Veterinarian gave her a steroid shot, Dexamethasone to make her hungry and perk her up. She died 5 days later. She had severe vomiting that night and couldn't walk the next day. She couldn't stand to eat out of a food bowl and I had to hold the water bowl for her. She was very disoriented and just became lifeless.

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Denise (England) on 01/03/2015

My cat died today 15 minutes after a cortisone shot. I am devastated. Vet never mentioned any risk. Wish I'd seen your website before now.

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Christineo (Minneapolis, Mn) on 11/30/2014

I took my cat Lucy to the vet on Friday because she was breathing rapidly and had a noise when she did. She was otherwise fine. Ate, drank, played like normal. I decided to take her in and at 5:30, she received a cortisone and penicillin shot. The vet thought MAYbe asthma, MAYbe pneumonia. Sent me home with a round of steroids and antibiotics to continue beginning 24 hours later for a week.

She was fine when we got home, though the other cats hissed at her per usual when one of them goes to the vet. She was fine at 10pm when I gave her her nightly treats. I woke up the next morning and she was dead. She WOULD HAVE BEEN two years old in January. Devastated!!! I can only think that the penicillin would have caused a reaction within a couple of hours due to the immune system, so I am inclined to think that cortisone was the issue. When I researched death after penicillin, I got a plethora of articles about the cortisone probably being the culprit.

I am devastated to think she was alone when she died. I was with my other cats when put to sleep, but Lucy was so YOUNG and full of vitality! She was the biggest sweetheart ever!! My heart is broken.

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Lawrence (Chatsworth Ca) on 08/27/2013

We just recently lost are beloved 8 1/2 year old Yorkie, Mordy. 12-26-2004-7/09/2013 After 1-3 Kenalog Shots yearly from 6 months to 5 years old for skin allergies. Later found to be a food allergy. Was not warned until age 5. Autoimmune reactions from the Kenalog ( Cortisone ) Heartworm pills, excessive Vaccinations, Flea meds, etc. The final trigger was a mistake by a vet tech that gave Mordy 3 Vaccinations, Bordetella, Corona and Provo on the same day on 8/31/2010. Within 24 hrs started drinking excessive amounts of water and then went back to normal after 3-4 days. This was a warning sign along with the mood swings and intolerance to heat, Panting, etc of a Hormone imbalance. Mordy never received another Vaccination, Flea treatment, Heartworm pills, etc for the rest of his life. A Holistic vet said the most likely cause is the excessive Cortisone, Vaccinations, Flea meds, etc that caused a major Hormone imbalance, RISE in Estrogen, Adrenal fatigue, Rise in Cortisol from the Shots. Then Adrenal exhaustion that led to SARDS. With the Hormone imbalance the Body starts attacking itself. Calcium influx into the retinas, GI upset, low IGA, Thyroid levels, etc. After a dog attack on 12/6/2010 Mordys Adrenals went into exhaustion. With in 30 days Mordy started going Blind. Long story short after a MRI in 4/2011 and a IV of Medrol. On the next day Mordy was able to see better. We then started on the wrong daily treatment, Prednisone tabs at to high of a daily dosage. That process through the liver and should never be used. Lowered the daily dosage over a period of 14 days to 1. 5mg daily for a 17lb dog. After 30 days on Pred switched to Medrol at 1. 2mg daily. A more powerful steroid that goes directly into the blood stream but can cause more GI upset. Prednisolone also goes directly into the blood stream and if you have no choice this is the one to use and only at a very low dosage, ( may produce less acid in the GI over Medrol ) and should be taken a min of 30 min after a antacid. A Thyroid Pill must be taken twice daily at the correct dosage to cycle the Steroid out of the body in a 24 hr period. After 60 days on medrol and a 100 days on the Plectner/Levin treatment plan to raise the body's daily cortisol to the normal levels, balance the hormone levels and slowly lower the ESTROGEN, Raise the Thyroid and IGA levels to save some of Mordys Vison and stop the Body from attacking itself, Calcium influx, etc. Mordy devoloped Pancreatitis, 7/2011 A reaction from Medrol a steroid changed to after 30 days of Pred. Mordy had a allergic reaction to the Medrol along with blood sugar issues. After a Plasma transfusion with the help of Dr Dodds we started Mordy on MODUCARE a holistic option, will not raise the Adrenals to the same level. Mordy did well on Moducare, Estrogen was continuing to drop but not to the normal levels, IGA was still below normal at 60, ( Some Dr's feel a IGA under 70 over a extended period of time can led to GI irritation, Cancer, etc ). in late April, 4/2013 Mordy ate some cat poop mistaken it for Chicken droppings next to the bar-b-q and within 24 hrs started drinking excessive amounts of water, Diarrhea, Started giving Edosorb tabs for the Diarrhea. Then in early May, 5/2013 stopped eating took to the Vet. Ran a blood test was in stage 3 Kidney failure. Ran a Ultrasound found a Tumor mass in the Lower GI-Colon. Was on IV fluids daily for 5 days at the hospital. Took Mordy home and started the daily fluids and Kidney Protocol to continue to lower Mordys numbers. Late June 6/2013 Mordy was getting picky on his food choices and on 7/5/2013 stopped eating, Gums were very pale, Anemic. Took Mordy to the Hospital ran another blood test now in stage 4 renal failure. RBC was very low, Anemia set in they feel the tumor was bleeding, Blood in the colon. Two blood transfusion, RBC went up but would not hold. Tried Carafate to stop the bleeding. Surgery was not a option so at 10am on 7/9/2013 we took Mordy home to spend are last day together and had a Dr come to the house at 6:30pm to set Mordy free.

I am not a Dr but after doing alot of research and responses from two top DR's they feel the possible causes are Excessive Vaccinations, Steroids shots, Flea meds, Heartworm etc caused the Hormone imbalance that eventually led to the Adrenal/Hormone imbalance, above normal estrogen, Low IGA that opens the door to Cancer, Kidney/Liver damage, etc.

Moducare really helped Mordy live longer but was not enough to fully balance his Hormone levels.

Now with what I have learned I would have first ran a food allergy test.

HEMOPET.ORG has a Saliva test kit the is very accurate and once you know what foods are causing the issue you can slowing make a change. Grain free can dog food is a safer option over Kibble. Home cooked is a better option along with home made dehydrated Sweet Potatoes that are much better and safer over Processed Beef or chicken strips.

And you can keep Vaccinations to a Min by having a resistance test done first. Then with the help of a Holistic Vet look at all the options first and if needed they can use the lowest dosage possible. You can also get a Rabies exception letter from your vet.

We miss Mordy every day but in the end we know Mordy is in a better place. Playing with my first Yorkie mix that I set free in may 1987.

Look into all the options first. Check the Thorne Research website and Look up ModucareVet. For Allergies and to help balance the immune response.

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Maria (Aston, Pa) on 06/02/2013

My baby girl Sophie was 6 yrs old she started limping so I got worried never sick a day in her life took her to the vet on a Sunday they said she had some swelling in her spine not sure exact cause only mricould see everything gave her a shot of rimadyl she came home lethargic, tongue slightly hanging out drooling a bit falling ever time she stood and barely eating, after a few days I started to get real worried after stopping the med she wasn't getting better took her back to the vet and the stupid vet gave her a sot of steroids I have no idea why never explaining anything she left there barely responsive couldn't stand at all drooling so bad it was just pouring out of her mouth we took her back a few hours later she said there was nothing she could do unless she did back surgery that night she started having seizures and I eventually had to put her to sleep sat morning I know that she killed my dog and not one dr would listen they all said it wasn't the drugs it was something else I am having an autopsy done because I feel I killed her by not doing everything possible I miss her so much it is killing me I haven't stopped crying its all I do I close my eyes and see her pretty little face.

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Helen (Santa Barbara, Ca) on 02/14/2013

If your cat is suffering and needs a cortisone shot, please make sure you get your cat an ultrasound before you do that. I took my cat for an ear infection and they gave her a cortisone shot that brought out a heart condition that she already had and she was dead in two weeks. BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Kim (Baltimore, Maryland) on 01/16/2013

Vet gave my 3 year old cat a steroid shot for a skin allergy (without explaining anything) and for the first few days the cat ate and drank alot then he hid under the bed and wouldn't eat or drink for a few days. He then came out and acted fine for the next week and then I came home one evening to find the cat unable to use his hind legs. Rushed to the vet and was told that it was either a disc problem or a blood clot. The x-ray showed nothing wrong with his spine so they assumed it was a blood clot. We opted to leave him at the vet for them to try an aspirin regiment to possibly break up the clot and before we got home they called to say the cat was convulsing and almost comatose so we should come back. When we got there we decided to have him put to sleep as he was still having convulsions. He looked like a different cat laying on that table. I asked if the shot could have caused any of this and of course the answer was no but I still think it had something to do with the cat having all of these problems.

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Ladyrockafella (Philadelphia, Pa) on 10/18/2012

[2nd Cat that died after having the shot] I had 2 cats with long hair and they both had skin allergies to something. My first cat (Raiden) that died had the shot about a week or two before we found him just laying in the floor dead.... Huh. This was about two years ago.

The 2nd cat (Sweetie Pie) had the shot about a year ago and it helped her skin problem and she didn't have any side effects... Last week I took her back to the same vet that gave her the shot before becasue she seemed to be irritated by the skin allergies very badly this time. The vet gave her the same shot again... 1 week later (which was last night) Sweetie Pie began to have severe health issues... I noticed that she was laying in front of our front door and when people walked by she didn't move.... Then a little while later she was dragging her back paws, then she couldn't move her front paws and till she couldn't even hold her head up. I rushed her to the ER and they took an xray and said that she had fluid on either her heart or lungs... The also said it appeared that her lung had collasped.... Well, sadly my Sweetie Pie could not recover and I would have had to spend thousands of dollars to run tests and treatment still not knowing if that would have saved her life. So we chose to put her to sleep... I don't recommend this shot to anyone... I have lost 2 cats behind that shot and I am truly devestated.

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Mike (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) on 10/16/2012

For every reader that reads this LISTEN GOOD, if the doctor say your dog needs a steriod shot don't do! My little baby died 17 hours after receiving one of these shot after I know of recovering from dehydrating losing 5 lbs was full of life running around and playing only to died. He gave her a ACTH TEST saying she had addison disease. Vaccinations are weakening our dogs immume system and in some cases killing them. Mine died and I miss her so bad she was taken from me too soon she was 9 years old. I hope this will help out the next dog or cat that goes though this I hate to see another animal died from this shot.

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Polly (Snow Hill, Maryland) on 08/24/2012

My 14 year-old Yorkie developed an allergy to fleas and the vet gave her a cortisone shot. She became lethargic and within a few days had stopped eating entirely. The vet said it was a reaction to the shot and gave us two medicines to give her every 8 hours to ease her stomach pain which was supposed to get her eating again. But the medicine didn't help. One week after the shot she started panting heavily and we called the vet who said to bring her in immediately. But before we could get her there she died. She was truly our best friend and we miss her more than words could ever say.

Cortisone Shot Side Effects
Posted by Lisa (Wickliffe, Ohio/usa) on 02/19/2012

I took my 8 year old cat Stinky, to the vet for slight hair loss around his eye, eye brow, and mouth. We were fostering a cat at the time and she had fleas. We had gotten rid of the fleas but I was concerned that maybe he had caught some sort of skin mite. The vet did a biopsy and found no bacteria or mites of any sort. He said he wasn't sure why it was happening but that it could be a sort of "cat acne" and said he could use cortizone to clear it up. I asked how often it needed to be applied and he said he would just give it to him in a shot form so he didn't ingest it. He said nothing in regards to side effects or risks.

Around the same time we dewormed our cats because of the flea problem. I noticed about a week later that Stinky lost a bit of weight (He was a 12 lb cat and looked like he had lost about 2 lbs). I assumed that it was from deworming them because sometimes the cats get upset stomachs from it. A little while later I heard him fall from the edge near our stairs. He was bull legged so I just figured he slipped. He had been eating well, and his weight loss seemed to have stopped. He stayed that way for about another week when I noticed his fur condition looked poor. I had just quit my job due to my own health issues so I had to try and find money before being able to take him to the vet. I managed to borrow my mom's care credit and made an appoitnment for him. This took a couple of days to happen. By then he looked terrible.

I took him to the vet (a different vet since the first vet's shot didn't clear up anything and seemed like a waste of time), he was well mannered and enjoying the attention. The vet said his one kidney was swollen and did blood work. They told me he was diabetic. I was relieved because he looked like he was in kidney failure. They prescribed insulin and let me take him home that day (they didn't even say they should keep him over night to check his sugar and make sure the insulin worked correctly) I was told to make sure he ate and to give him his insulin twice daily. I was also to give him Sub Q fluids. I had been giving fluids to a cat, and insulin to my boyfriend's dog before so I was okay with the diagnosis.

The next day, Christmas eve, a vet called from the office to tell me the rest of his blood work came back and he was in kidney failure. I was devastated and confused. How did the first vet not feel his kidney was swollen? She also told me that she felt the cortizone shot caused the diabetes and put him into kidney failure. About a week into his treatment he was doing alright until one night he came wobbling into my kitchen and attempted to jump onto my lap. He looked like he was having a stroke. I called the emergency vet to verify that I should give him some honey (the weak neck often a sign of low blood sugar and potassium) and they wouldn't give me any advice except that I needed to bring him in. I took him in and told them I had 300 dollars and to do what they needed to up to that amount. That was my rent. They gave me a $600 estimate and wouldn't be straight up with me on what they felt needed done first. The whole process was a sloppy mess. Finally we got the price down to $300 by not doing blood work on sight (even though they were very rude about my not being able to) and they checked his sugar levels. His sugar was down to 30 even though he had eaten each time I had given him insulin. They also said that the cortizone was probably what caused the diabetes and kidney failure. In the end I spent my last bit of money on the emergency visit over the insulin, and still had to take him back to the vet that prescribed it four hours later. I managed to borrow more money from family and got him to the vet. I told them I was almost out of money and they said there wasn't much they could do. They said they wanted to keep him over night, that his blood work looked terrible and his prognosis wasn't good. I couldn't afford to have them keep him over night so we took him home. I took him off the insulin because they thought that his diabetes may have been in control just from changing his diet. He stayed stable with fluids and food, no insulin for about two weeks. Then he slowly stopped wanting to eat. He started hiding away and even when I tried to force feed him, he couldn't swallow. I gave him fluids and pretty much had him on kitty hospice. It was the worst thing I've ever had to do in my life. There was no fixing his kidney failure and borderline diabetes.

After peeing himself twice and seizure my cat died. All of this, because a vet gave my cat Cortizone over something he called "cat acne. " I loved my cat more than I've cared for most people. My cat was in prime health minus a little hair loss that was still, probably from rubbing scent glands on things. His punishment for being friendly was death by a crappy vet using outdated poorly regulated cortizone. I would love to sue him for malpractice but in the real world, there is little that can be done to stop it. Who knows what things doctors are shooting into our children, family members, and pets, without consequence. :( I had my cat cremated at a different vets office. I didn't want any of the people responsible for his death touching him. He weighed in at only 5lbs.

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