Chronic Renal Failure Remedies

Dietary Changes
Posted by Fiona (London, England) on 06/13/2011
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@Gail from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Well done for taking such good care of your dog. I just wanted to say please look into the benefits of wholegrain brown rice and bread. White rice and flour/bread are so refined there is no nourishment in them and they will do more harm than good in anyone's diet.

Best wishes, Fi

Dietary Changes
Posted by Gail (Colorado Springs, Colorado) on 03/05/2010
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My 10 yo choc lab was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease about 8 mos ago. The vet put him on the prescription diet KD. He was on that for about 4 weeks and had to go back for blood work. The vet said there was slight changes and to keep him on this food. He said I would start to notice changes in my dog in about 6 mos time and that this disease usually ends a dogs life within 18 mos. I searched the internet and read hour after hour and decided to try a diet I had seen several times on different posts.

This is the combination:

1 cup cooked white rice, 1 lb cooked ground beef with a higher fat content, 1 cooked boiled egg, 1 slice of white bread. Mix together. For my choc lab who is about 75 lbs, I give 2 cups twice a day. I also give him one omega 3 fish oil capsule once a day. I have also now started to incorporate cut up green beans with the mix.

When he started out, his breath smelled of urine and his coat was dull and the hair was coming out in clumps. 8 mos later, he no longer smells of urine, his coat is shiny and no hair loss. He eats like a horse and plays with his toys again. He has shown no signs of kidney failure up to this point when he should be starting to show signs of the disease according to the vet. I am hopeful that continuing on this diet will keep him healthy. This is my experience and I hope it helps others as well.