Chronic Renal Failure Remedies

Dietary Changes, Supplements
Posted by Lyn (Camino, Ca) on 03/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

November last year, I took my kitty, Bandit (15), to a well respected Vet. After $700 worth of services Bandit was pronounced to have Chronic Renal Failure. I was given (or rather sold) a $24 8lb bag of Science Diet K/D, Cannned K/D food and told to take him home and more or less wait for him to expire. I'm a Biochemistry/Nutrition Major from Canada, and I knew there must be more to it than what they were telling me. From the name of this disease, I was in shock and expected my Bandit to be leaving me in just days. Don't we usually expire when our organs are pronounced in "failure" mode. Well, thank God for internet. I researched, found a wonderful alternative pet healer in the area, threw the K/D out (after reading the label, one of the first ingredients was gluten) and started Bandit and by now, another one of my kitty's, Cupcake on a partial raw food diet. The practitioner worked her magic on him using Bowen, and gave me Potassium citrate, to give him. I also supplement him with Taurine, and Standard Process's "feline renal support" along with a few other things like Noni juice. He is so active and his spunky attitude is back, Cupcake is right now basking in the warm California sun and just for today, they are enjoying a high quality of life.

I wrote this same experience on a site that I signed up for when I first started researching CRF. I began receiving at least 25 to 40 emails a day, all incredibly depressing. I kept my mouth shut, or keys still since November, but yesterday, shot off my own email telling my experince with the Vet, K/D, and all the information above. My email was censored and I received a firm slap on the fingers/wrists for "bashing" K/D. I'm beginning to wonder who is behind this website. I'm adding organic apple Cider Vinegar to my kitty's water today, and hope to hear other helpful tips on keeping my kitty's at a high quality of life. I know they don't live as long as us, so while they are here teaching me all of the lessons of life I learn from them, I want to do right by them Thank you, Lyn