Chronic Renal Failure Remedies

Posted by Anonymous (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa) on 05/06/2010
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Chlorophyll and raw liver helped cat's rapid deterioration

My 15 year old indoor cat was sleeping a lot, thin, lethargic, not eating or drinking, sitting with her chin over the water dish a lot, had difficulty urinating/defecating. Previously the vet said her kidneys were failing and she had to have special vet-only kd formula food. After reading the ingredients in the expensive kd (they were of poor quality) I bought a no-grain food, which she did very well on for a few months. She regained energy and her coat became very fluffy and clean, she put on weight. A few new cats came to live with her and she got sick again, don't know if there's a corelation. I made her drink yogurt, aloe juice, garlic powder, turmeric, basil, a variety of MSM gel, apple cidar vinegar. I mixed the above variously into a couple tablespoons of yogurt and made her drink it from a medicine dropper. She resisted, but if you hold her on her back and press the dropper into the back corner of her mouth she has to swallow it. It didn't seem to do much other than keep her hydrated, so probably plain yogurt and MSM would be the only thing to give. I tried those things because I figured her digestion was messed up somehow, and she had the same symptoms the vet called kidney failure and dehydration. Additionally, I mixed a chlorophyll supplement I'd been taking into her water bowl, and some aloe juice with citric acid into another. She improved overnight. But she would sit with her chin over the water bowl and started getting an infection under her chin from the damp chlorophyll caking into her fur. I took away the chlorophyll water and her health declined again, so I started giving it to her mixed into tuna juice instead, so she drinks it all right away. I quit giving her the yogurt after I noticed the dramatic improvement from the chlorophyll (about 4 days). Once a day/every-other-day I break open a capsule and stir it into a dish of tuna juice, the water kind - not the oil kind, don't give the oil, they say it interferes with vitamin E or something... (Press the juice out of the tuna and set the tuna aside. Don't get the tuna that has broth in the ingredient list, broth is supposedly one of the ways they hide glutamic acid (think MSG) in things. You might want to get the low sodium kind, too. She's had both. She drinks almost a whole can's worth of juice.)She also turned her nose up at raw beef and chicken while she was sick, but she gobbled up raw chicken liver, especially the blood as if she was starving. Raw chicken liver is cheap. They say chlorophyll is like hemoglobin, so maybe that's why it works for her. She's been on the chlorophyll for a month or so now. Her eyes have that black crust on the inner corners, and one eye was watering tonight. But she's going about with her tail up lately (she never was perky, so the tail up is a vast improvement) and comes to the door when I arrive. She also seemed to have a soreness to her hips or lower abdomen which is much improved. I'm going to keep giving it to her for a while, but I have to figure out a way to get her to ingest it without the tuna juice, don't know if that much tuna juice is healthy. She may have been a victim of the tainted pet food, she first got sick shortly after that all happened. Her reflexes and allertness seem to have improved as well, better than before she got sick, even. They say only give raw liver a few times a week because of all the vitamin A in it, or something. She won't eat the chlorophyll if I mix it into gravy or chicken broth, so far just tuna juice.