Chronic Renal Failure Remedies

Posted by Anonymous (Somewhere, Usa) on 08/19/2010
4 out of 5 stars

My baby is a 14 year old mix breed cat. The vet said a few months ago she had kidney failure, gave her special food and didn't know how long she'd last. I put her on a different grain-free food and forced liquids into her. She recovered quickly, but her eyes have been red and she gets that black gunk in the inner corners. After some experimentation it appears that chlorophyll capsules dumped into wet grain-free cat food with extra water added, goat milk, and a raw chicken liver every few days are doing her very well. The liver seems to be helping the eyes the most. Possibly she's anemic. Each item is given on alternate days, and she has free access to grain-free dry food and water. She used to sit next to the water dish with her chin over it, sipping now and then. She doesn't do that anymore. She's a bit wobbly on her hind legs. I'm going to try adding basil to the food and giving the milk with it. She was severely constipated a few weeks ago which hairball remedy did not help, but Miralax cleared. I didn't have to take her to the vet for it. I'd like to give her digestive enzymes to see if it helps. I also minced up dandelion leaves into her wet food for a few days. She liked that. I cut the stems out of the leaves at first.