Chipped Tooth Remedies for Dogs

| Modified on Apr 15, 2023
Chipped Tooth Remedies for Dogs
Posted by Ron P. (USA) on 04/03/2021 23 posts

Stop feeding any sweet/ acidic scraps. No fruit. No tomato. No wheat/breads. Nothing pickled. No potatoes or meat treated with vinegar.

Soften food with warm water daily.

Remove all hard chew toys for a while.

Put bone powder supplement OR ground eggshells in food; naturelo makes one bone strength is what it's called, other brands too; check amazon. Plant-based is best unless you're going to use ground eggshells. Commercial animal bone supplements are high risk for heavy metal contamination, as the tainted feed in livestock stores heavy metals in bone marrow.

Failure to provide adequate calcium, approx 12.5mg per lb of body weight, adjust lower for older dogs, can result in weak bones. adding 1/4 as much vitamin c and magnesium to aid calcium absorption, without causing loose stools is just as important. Giving RO water that has not been remineralizred is dangerous as well, because over time the water will leech nutrients / calcium from the body.

Prepare a container

in glass or plastic container you can seal up tight. Do not use metal lid. Only plastic. If using ball jars, get the plastic screw on lids by mainstay or ball at walmart or menards or online. Could use a pill bottle. If only have metal lids use a layer of wax paper or seran wrap between lid/ ring and the glass / contents...because the clay will desiccate the metal out of the ring and through the foodsafe coating under the lid, too.


  • Start off with empty container , add 2 tbsp of water
  • Equal parts 1 tbsp each black walnut powder, horsetail powder, calcium bentonite clay (sodium bentonite could pull calcium from teeth if not buffered right).
  • Add 1/8 tsp of potassium bicarbonate OR baking soda
  • Add a 1/4-1/2 tsp oil , liquid coconut, or avocado, or olive oil. if storing long term, must be coconut. oil is not a must, just helps consistency , and helps minerals stick to gums & teeth longer.
  • Add 1/8 tsp of borax, preferred to get food grade off amazon, use what you can get though. This adds the important boron to the mineral mix
  • Add a touch of celtic or himilayan sea salt, or other seas salt. No table salt.
  • Add a few drops of Lugol's iodine. Not a must, but it will greatly speed the healing and aid with bacterial infection ./ abcess
  • Add a few drops of magnesium oil (if mixing yourself; by volume: 60% magnesium crystal to 40% h2o) - or use a few tiny single crystals of epsom salt.
  • Stir, and keep adding water until you get a paste
  • If gets too wet, add more clay.


  • If the tooth is abscessed or infected, use a pinch of fresh crushed (preferred), or powdered garlic to really crush the infection

  • Clove powder can be added for pain relief, though not all dogs will like the taste or smell, may pose difficulty. I would keep the clove powder out of the main paste and add a touch right before brushing directly to the brush.

Brush your dog's mouth with the mix. If they don't take it, keep a small cup of extra oil nearby to dip the toothbrush w toothepaste into ; to make it palatable

If you have st John's wort oil, a single drop added to the paste just before brushing will serve to remove the pain. I don't recommend cayenne. If you don't have the oil. Crushed an aspirin and use a pinch to 1/4 of the powder in the paste depending on the dog size..only if they're obviously in pain though. Do not use much for small dogs. Do not use aspirin or any other otc pain reliever for dogs more than once every other day. My vets all tell me a pain killer stays in a dog's system 48 hours. Liver failure can occur if you dose too soon.

That is why homeopathic remedies are a must for pain control in domestic animals because herbs and medication can easily hurt them if not dosed correctly. Homeopathy cannot hurt anyone or overdose, ever. Harmless.

My dog chipped her tooth to the nerve and was in severe pain..

I started her off with hypericum 200c 4 times a day for two days. I gave arnica 30c the second day, an hour or so after each hypericum dose. Continue dosing as needed until the tooth is healed

Hypericum 200c is a general painkiller.

Arnica montana 30c is a nerve damage preventer, healer, and nerve pain reliever, and is good for bruising/ swelling.

After two days her pain was no longer apparent and she let me touch her teeth more readily and brushing became easier. We hare 8 days out now. On the 3rd day, her tooth was white again, after turning yellow then almost brown beige. The layer under the enamel that became exposed and began to rot was now healing itself over at a rapid rate, thanks to the herbal paste, loaded with remineralizing herbs and minerals. The nerve ending that turned black was now shrinking and receding under the layer and back into the tooth, the black spot was going away. And her gums were not only no longer bleeding, but the inflammation was totally gone on day 6. With no more swelling or redness on her gums at the tooth anymore.

The most important for the tooth paste is the horsetail and blackwalnut, and clay to keep consistency. Other stuff can be left out if tight on cash. Black walnut and horsetail have so many minerals beneficial to bones and remineralization of teeth.

I now have her on hypericum 30c and arnica 30c once a day still, to mitigate and residual pain as the nerve continues to heal. Arnica is indicated often for nerve damage and healing. I will continue for 3 more weeks the toothpaste daily and the homeopathic remedies.

I just wanted to share what I found and that it worked wonderfully on an upper cracked molar in my dog's mouth, 1/3rd of the tooth came away and exposed her nerve and began to rot with plaque fast..

If the dog will not allow brush in its mouth, try dipping the brush clean in some coconut oil/ coconut butter or olive oil and let them lick the brush and make friends with it..

Then try to brush. Give the dog a small treat each time they allow you to brush a little bit to make them friends with the brush.

If still cannot brush. Get the paste on your fingers and coat their gums with it. If they won't even let you do that, get them to eat a bit of the paste out of a bowl or plate somehow. They need the mix in their mouth, but best to get it right on affected teeth/gums. Eventually will have to coat these areas.

As for dosing the homeopathic remedies: I suggest getting the remedies in pellet form, dumping a few pellets into the lid, lifting the dog's jowl/lip up near the tooth, and quickly tossing the pellets from the lid onto the gums anywhere with a quick flicking / chucking motion.

Chipped Tooth Remedies for Dogs
Posted by Ron (USA) on 12/29/2022 23 posts

No. Tannins in tea/coffee are acidic. Ingredients in the remineralization paste are highly alkaline. Would remove old stains over time thru neutralization. Would line the ridges and pores with their alkaline particles, too, so tannins could no longer make their way in to stain, as well being neutralized upon contact.

Black walnut has been a tooth whitener in Indian / Ayurvedic medicine for millenia. The bentonite & horsetail polish and leave nothing visible behind. I know I said some stays in the pores. but its so microscopic. And baking soda has some major whitening history too.

I pulled my remedy from this page after cross referencing many ingredients with other sources on tooth remineralization to cover back up exposed nerves from breaks / cavities. This concoction is meant to heal old enamel and build new layers over. I have noticed my teeth become whiter over time. but very sort of slowly. I quit coffee a few years before I started this paste though. im unsure how it would work for you. I still drink black tea regularly and I seem to avoid stains well, but tea has less tannin than coffee. Im pretty sure this would actually remove your stains over time slowly with proper technique even continuing coffee.

Chipped Tooth Remedies for Dogs
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 04/15/2023

Hi Ron,

A quick update and note for others who may see this thread. First I made a small batch of the paste following your recipe. Loved it. When that ran out I made a second much larger batch, again following your recipe, but with the addition of a little clove, cinnamon, and cardamom powders. However, I did add a lot more distilled water the second time around to make the paste more spreadable/ less dry. I put the paste into 4 small containers with lids so that each person had their own paste. I also made sure we got the paste out of the container using a new Q-tip each time, rather than dipping in a toothbrush. Sadly, the paste smelled “off” rather quickly. And then after some time there were little white spots of mold growing on the paste. So I ended up throwing out all of the paste. I believe I added too much water for that batch. I am going to try again using little to no water, and add more coconut oil. I have both the liquid MCT oil and the more solid virgin coconut oil. I also plan to leave out the ground spice powders in case that somehow contributed to the spoiling, although I doubt it. But since I do have cinnamon and clove essential oil I'll just use that instead.

Chipped Tooth Remedies for Dogs
Posted by Ron (USA) on 12/13/2022 23 posts

Hi Mary,; I would use equal parts no matter the amount, so long as the same amount of bentonite clay was included, and you aren't brushing with huge globs of it. You don't want a dog to swallow too much horsetail or black walnut powder, although both are relatively safe if they aren't extracts.

I will revise my post to make it more clear. but, just a regular 1/4 - 1/2 tsp glob of the mix for brushing

Chipped Tooth Remedies for Dogs
Posted by Ron (USA) on 12/14/2022 23 posts

I did it twice a day at first. just briefly to coat the affected area and surrounding gums. I let them swallow it, no need to rinse.

I dosed the hypericum as well as arnica homeopathic remedies 4x a day, since the pain will take a few days to come down at first, I then tapered to 1 brushing a day and 2x doses of home remedies a day.

Chipped Tooth Remedies for Dogs
Posted by Mary (Australia) on 06/28/2022

Hello Ron, my dog has chipped her tooth exposing the pulp causing an abscess. I wish I had found your article earlier as the abscess wasn't going down until I used the fresh garlic. She still has a small lump left but I am now wanting to mix up the paste recipe you provided. When you state "Use equal parts black walnut powder, horsetail powder, liquid coconut/olive/ avocado oil, the bone powder, calcium bentonite clay"; would that be 1 tablespoon of each, plus 1/8 tsp potassium bicarbonate and borax?

Chipped Tooth Remedies for Dogs
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 12/14/2022

Hi Ron, how often did you brush and for approx how long? I'm going to make this asap! Thanks

Chipped Tooth Remedies for Dogs
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 12/15/2022

Great, that's easy enough! Excellent job at coming up with such an effective recipe. I think I'll try it on my teeth as well, and add a little clove and cinnamon essential oil for the taste.

Chipped Tooth Remedies for Dogs
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho ) on 12/28/2022

Hi Ron, I made the tooth paste and followed your directions exactly. Do you think it will stain my teeth? I've got enough staining from coffee and tea that any more would not be good!

Chipped Tooth Remedies for Dogs
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 12/31/2022

Love it! I brushed with the paste a few nights in a row before bed, didn't rinse, left as much paste on as possible. I thought my teeth looked brighter already, but now with what you've concluded based on your research and experience, I have the confidence to continue using the paste regularly. Thanks a million, Ron!