The #1 Natural Cure for Your Cat’s Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nikkid (Omaha, Ne) on 10/27/2015 1 posts
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I'm trying to cure UA in my cat that she's had for some time now. I've paid plenty to hear that she had been cured after treating her with medicine. I never seen any type of improvement in her health. Her urine is strong smelling and I was tired of wasting money on different vets. I decided to home remedy several things to help her. After a small amount of the 50/50 in her mouth, she immediately began foaming from the mouth and ran from me. Gave her some time and reapplied some more into her. Once again large foaming from her mouth began to happen again. Please tell me I'm not causing more problems to her by using this method to stop her suffering of UA??

EC: Hi Nikkid,

Contributors on Earth Clinic have reported success applying 50/50 (ACV and Water) topically on the scruff of the neck. Apparently it works just as well.