Cataract Remedies for Cats and Dogs

Castor Oil
Posted by Kewpie (California) on 01/12/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My older dog was getting cloudy cataracts. After looking at this site and seeing the castor oil in the eyes remedy, I tried it by using the Now brand in an eye dropper. I put it in his eyes once per day for a few months. The cataracts are gone! If they aren't completely gone, I can't see them.

Castor Oil
Posted by Mister (Los Angeles, Ca. Usa ) on 03/18/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Optional: Before you attempt this: If your animal is nervous, while you rock them and sing or hum, wrap them loosely in a towel where they still have enough freedom to have their paws in a natural position, yet they feel the towel "around" them. Do this for a number of times day/night, whatever, until you're both comfortable. As they get "into it", bind them a little tighter for a few minutes and sing a song or do your thing, rock them, etc. When you feel they're okay with this then go to the next step:

Next step: Have your eye dropper ready to go: This works for me by myself but if you can get an extra pair of hands, that might be good depending upon your pet's nervous threshold, size, weight. I've never had a problem and it works for all kinds of situations.

Next: Take that familiar (by now) bath towel and gently but firmly wrap your pet, binding them so their legs/paws don't interfere with their therapy.

I usually nuzzle my nose, by gently pressing it against my pet's, telegraphing that it's o'tay! Before and after the first eye and after the 2nd eye - While they're still wrapped up, signaling that it's not a bad thing to get acquainted with - (feeling bound up without fearing it). I hum directly into their body for a minute or so and gently begin releasing the pressure of the towel.

This is drawn out but some of you with nervous pets can also relax knowing that you can take your time and you'll both learn from each other.

Hope this helps.