Remedies for Dogs Who Fear Car Rides

| Modified on May 22, 2014
Raw Bones
Posted by Tj (Bridgewater, Ma) on 12/12/2009

Car Fears - Raw Bones

My dog had a fear of riding in the car even when we went someplace fun. He would whine, pace and drool the entire time.

I've found if I keep him occupied in the car, he doesn't even notice the ride. So whenever we go anyplace longer than a 10-20 minute drive, I buy a large soup bone at the grocery store. He spends the entire ride chewing on the bone and doesn't even notice that he's in the car.

Motion Sickness
Posted by Delores (Wilmslow, England) on 10/02/2009

Does anyone know of a remedy for motion sickness in cats. My cat will be taking a 8 hour flight to England and suffers from severe motion sickness such as vomiting and foaming from the mouth. The doctor does not want him to take any medication

Magnesium Supplement
Posted by Reka (LA, CA) on 10/14/2008

Magnesium Supplement for car sickness- how much should you use for a 12 lbs dog. Would I give my Yorkie Chihauha every day or only when traveling in the car?

Magnesium Supplement
Posted by Hoa Ly (Woodstock, GA) on 02/12/2008

My Great Pyr always seemed to fear the car and would drool when going for a ride. I was told that magnesium deficiency was leading him to have motion sickness. Just adding a magnesium supplement helped.

Aconitum Napellus
Posted by Angel (Long Island, NY) on 09/09/2006

The dog is very scared. i would NOT try this. It didn't help at all. i just went out and spent money on this stuff.