Natural Cures for Canine Megaesophagus

| Modified on Nov 10, 2017
Raw Diet, Elevating Food, Sauerkraut
Posted by Jb (Atlanta,ga) on 11/19/2013
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Greetings, one of my canine companions has Megaesophagus which I am managing naturally but, would like to hear from other people that has a pet with this malady.

I feed a raw diet, elevate the food, avoid activity after eating, serve smaller meals multiple times a day. Encourage my pet to sit for a while after eating. Recently, I have been adding homemade fermented cabbage (Sauerkraut) & this appears to help.

I will not use any Rx drugs, they have a history of bad side effects.

Raw Diet, Elevating Food, Sauerkraut
Posted by Jb (Atlanta) on 11/22/2014

After years of dealing with this malady I am having GREAT Success with:

1 Feeding 2xs a day

2 Making Pet SIT while feeding. No major exercise after feeding. I do not use a Baily Chair, just make her sit to feed.

3 Feeding small meatballs of food coated with a slime of Slippery Elm Tea. I roll meatballs in tea solution.

4 If any problems arise, later after eating a dose of Nux Vomica & maybe a little Slippery Elm.

5 If pet regurgitates, give them some SE or Aloe to coat/cleanse esophagus.

This has worked to keep food down & calm my Belgian Malinois. Thank God, she is gaining weight.

Raw Diet, Elevating Food, Sauerkraut
Posted by Rob (Utica Ny) on 08/16/2015

It was the same with my dog. Just several months shy of his 10th birthday started with the same symptoms of coughing/hacking and vomiting piles of foamy liquid phlegm. After several weeks and some antibiotics the cough seemed to clear up but vomiting persist. Finally diagnosed with ME. Several months later. After testing different texture of foods/ removing fluids and meds. As well as using a bailey chair He is vomiting/regurging everyday. I do not know what else to try now. Magnesium if you have tried, does it work? I am wondering, and now thinking back over the years he has always had an off stomach, where sometimes he just would not eat during his morning feeding. His stomach would be gurgling and whatnot. But after it cleared up he would eat and be fine, and also though not often, occasionally over the years, and more recently several times frequently before his diagnosis he would regurge all his food. I never thought anything about it. My thinking is now is that it is something else causing the vomiting/regurging after eating, more related to his stomach. He is down over 20 pounds since May 2015 when diagnosed. Vomiting/regurging usually hours after feeding, though sometimes sooner. I am going to take him in and see if there is more going on. When they did tests and xrays they did not do lower.

Raw Diet, Elevating Food, Sauerkraut
Posted by Deborah (Feeney) on 09/26/2015

What role does magnesium glycinate tab play in panting episodes after a dog eats in megaesophagus? Why does a dog pant and seem uncomfortable after eating?


Buffalo, New york

Raw Diet, Elevating Food, Sauerkraut
Posted by Jeri (Ct) on 10/07/2015

What dose and frequency of Nux Vomica would be advised for a 76 lb. Boxer? Thank you.

Raw Diet, Elevating Food, Sauerkraut
Posted by Rebecca (Sc) on 01/17/2017

I want to start using slippery elm for my girl Saint. We are in a rough patch with regurge happening after most meals and I feel like I just need to calm her insides down. We used to use a shot of Cerenia when we hit a bad patch, but I'd like to use something less intense and more natural. My question is - Is the tea the best way to use it? She can't handle water - I have to add Thick It to get it to stay down, so a tea probably isn't going to work for Saint. Instead, could I crush/open up a capsule and mix the powder into her food?

Raw Diet, Elevating Food, Sauerkraut
Posted by Rebecca (Sc) on 01/17/2017

Would you mind sharing what sort of raw food you include in the smoothie? I'd like to try to transition from the wet food and Ensure diet we are using for Saint onto a more raw/natural diet but I don't know where to start.

Raw Diet, Elevating Food, Sauerkraut
Posted by Valerie (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/31/2017

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing what type of slow feeder bowl you use for your doggie. Mine has ME and she eats way too fast; however, all of the bowls seems to deep to me. But, she is around the same weight as your dog. Any advice would help.


Raw Diet, Elevating Food, Sauerkraut
Posted by Maggie (Idaho) on 11/09/2017

Would you mind sharing your recipe for the homemade toothpaste for your dog? Thank you.