Borax for Pets: Effective Skin Solutions & Arthritis Relief

Posted by Pat (Merseyside) on 09/17/2022


I have a bordeaux who is now 10,3 yrs ago her hip went. Out the blue she was in excruciating pain it was heart breaking I thought my dog can't cope with this pain. The painkiller off the vets wasn't touching it. She couldn't get up 1 stair and sleeps on my bed so I had to stay downstairs with her she couldn't find a position that eased her pain, she never slept for 3 days she just stood panting it was so bad. Then I remembered Boron which I take myself daily and gave her 10 mg Boron caps daily to begin with and it was a miraculous result within 2wks she was in less pain and it got better every day. You still couldn't touch her back without a yelp but wow I was amazed.

That was 3yrs ago and she is 10 now, still sleeps on my bed every night jumps up. She has no problem touching her hips no pain and she will run round chasing squirrel's anytime. I was so amazed at how effective it is I saw it.