Booster Shot Side Effects in Dogs

Side Effects
Posted by Monie (Co) on 08/11/2015

My maltese died within 5 days of receiving vaccines.

Side Effects
Posted by Kris (Las Vegas, NV) on 05/08/2013

I took I my 11 yr old sharpei mix for "annual vaccines" and within 7 days she had exploded with cancer and was dead. A year earlier, she had a hanging cancerous growth removed from near a nipple. The vet believed it had not spread. She showed no signs of any mammary involvement and was a healthy, active dog until the vaccines. Within 24 hours of the vaccines, she had labored breathing which worsened day by day. Within 4 days, large mammary masses appeared and her back legs swelled. One week to the day of the vaccinations, she died in the back seat of my car on the way to the vet for the 4th time that week (not the same vet that did the vaccines! ) I believe her immune system had been healthy and had kept the cancer at bay, but the vaccines affected her immune system and allowed the cancer to explode. I miss her terribly and blame the "4 in 1" for her death.

Side Effects
Posted by Brian (North Providence, Rhode Island) on 12/12/2011

The vet gave my dog ( pitbull) 5 year old male a canine booster shot knowing that he was ill. He had a lung disease called canine influenza and she still gave my dog the booster shot. The next night he stood up, cried, and then dropped to his death. I am wondering if you know if I have any options or recourse with this vet. I feel they killed my dog.

Side Effects
Posted by Kirstin Blake (Cochrane, WI) on 08/12/2008

Vaccination Death Report: Yesterday I took my 3 cats to the vets for their "booster vaccinations. My 2 1/2 year old high energy fun loving boy Snorky went into anaphylactic shock in less than 20 minutes. Symptoms included panting, foaming at the mouth, vomiting, loss of bowel control and crying out in pain. Went back to the vet and he was given epinephrin to counteract the reaction and was kept under observation for a couple of hours. After bringing him home, severe vomiting continued and he started throwing up stomache lining and blood. Went back to the vets. He was given something else and we were sent home with siringes of epinepherine and dia....something. Also told to pick up childrens formula (liquid) benedryl. Took him home again and he kept vomiting while laying on his side. Seizures started as mild leg twitches. While driving back to the vets the seizures became violent full body jerks with pupils expanding and contracting. When we reached the vets she tried to give him valium but he stopped breathing. Put him on oxygen but his heart stopped. We were unable to revive him with CPR. Time lapse between vaccination and passing... eight painful hours. He fought it with everything he had.

I do not blame my vet who tried everything she could to save him and cried herself when we couldn't. It was the worst reaction she had seen in 27 years.

Unfortunately, I was unaware of the research regarding booster vaccinations until I came looking for answers as to why my boy died. While I support that young animals should receive their vaccinations, adult pets should not receive boosters. If I had been fully aware of the risks and the newest research, I never would have taken my cats in and Snorky wouldn't have suffered so needlessly.

Totally heartbroken... sorry for being so graphic.

Kirstin Blake
Cochrane, WI

Side Effects
Posted by Veronica (Greer, SC) on 06/17/2007

It's me again. The one with the husky/lab mix pups.They just turned 18 mo on Sat.We lost our male this past Mon. He hadn't had any seizures since April 23.Sun. he was having cluster seizures;about every 2-3 hrs. He was howling, barking, and whining after coming out of each one.That is the worst thing my family has ever gone through. My female will NEVER get another booster shot. When I took our male to the vet he said-ironically-this is the age when "epilepsy" shows its ugly head. Duh, this is when people give their dogs their boosters, because you tell us to. I've let everyone I know not to give boosters to their dogs.There is no sense that this wonderful young dog should have died or had to go through this. I truly feel for everyone who has lost a dog so soon after booster vaccinations. It's time to get mad and take action!