Natural Remedies for Bladder Stones in Dogs

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sophiesmom (Economy, Pennsylvania) on 08/02/2015

My 2-1-2 year old female lab had bladder stone surgery on July 16. She had been on Earthborn Holistic grain free bison food for 2 years with no problems. I would give her a little plain yogurt and a drizzle of molasses too. Now the vet put her on Royal Canin which she promptly threw up in chunks every night at 3am. I read the ingredients, chicken byproducts and corn. Yuck! So my vet told me to put her back on the Earthborn and gradually introduce her to Hills prescription for struvite and oxalate stones. She has had it three days now and threw up last night at 3am but primarily just phlegm. She is starving on this low protein crappy food! The vet hasn't gotten the stone results back yet. Her PH urine is 6.5. The grass is killed everywhere she urinates too. I wish I could just give her a good quality, grain free, holistic food like chicken food and try adding some potassium citrate or ACV in it. I was told the stones could come back.