Asthma Remedies for Pets

Coconut Oil
Posted by Booboo (London) on 11/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have just successfully cured my 15 yr old cat from bad asthma that could not be treated with prednisone then inhaler.

The above did not do a thing to help Foxy so I looked online for natural help and gave it a try I am so glad I did.

I gave him half teaspoon organic virgin coconut oil a day either ... Let him lick off spoon, put it in his food or when he got wise put it on his lower chest to lick off and groom himself ingesting it that way .

Also I removed all house fragrances, candles, flowers, plants anything scented. It's important not to use essential oils as they can be toxic to cats. Be careful of deodorant sprays too as cats can't process some fragrances.

Then I got a hepa air purifier to remove all allergen a from the house. I got a stethoscope to listen to his lungs and breathing.

After a day he started vomiting up the toxic poisons in his system this lasted 2 day I saw him vomit just twice. This is the time not to worry it's natures way of getting rid , he also coughed a bit too, freeing his lungs.

After 7 days we had a totally wheeze free cat with clear lungs, good breathing great coat and playful like a kitten we have been so flumox that I just need to share this with the world and to stay with it and don't give in to harmful stuff from the vets you will have your cat back very happy and breathing normally.

The virgin coconut oil works by dissolving the coating of the virus or bacteria leaving the inside exposed then it dies , nothing else works like this stuff it's 100 percent safe for animals cats dogs etc .

Foxy says go for it he feels wonderful again x