Anal Gland Remedies for Cats and Dogs

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Stevie (Kamloops) on 10/31/2015
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I have a 2 yr old pitty about 65 pounds and just started today on 2tbs of pumpkin and will do twice a day with his food. He only eats raw food diet mixed with vegetables but he still has this anal gland issue I have started notice the smell and him licking his bum a lot and also grabbing his tail which he never use to do. It's been about a week or so of this and just started to smell that almost metalic smell when he licks his bum. He has for a long time now had mucus in his stool which vet gave me anti biotics and some other stunt hat was to loosen off the intestine if there was a foreign body inside his intestine. But nothing worked and now this anal gland smell..I just hope this works as I spend more than I can afford just on his organic raw meet diet from a company called natural instincts. My point being is raw meat diet did not help as that's all he has ever been given by me.