Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

Urinary Issues
Posted by Rachel (St. Louis, MO)

My parent's dog had horrible kidney stones and a urinary tract infection. He could not hold his urine sometimes and other times he could not release it. He was in a lot of pain. The vet reccomended surgery. My mom was reluctant because she believes in natural cures and the fact that there is a 40% chance of it repeating in a year. She put him on a special diet and it didn't work. After two days of putting him on the Apple Cider Vinegar, he appears to be cured! They put a little in his drinking water and a few drops in his food. It worked like a wonder drug! He is happy and energetic again and is no longer having accidents or in pain. He is back to his old self. Highly Recomended!

Urinary Issues
Posted by Jackie (West Australia ) on 11/01/2016

Hi, Could you tell me if a c v would work on a 11 week old poodle x puppy? She is inconternt quite badly when she sleeps The vet said she will need an 8 grand op!! Money I haven't got. Please help

Urinary Issues
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 11/01/2016

Hey Jackie,

ACV may help but it cannot replace a surgical procedure. For sure try it -it can only help.

Urinary Issues
Posted by Anzhela (Burbank, Ca ) on 08/07/2017

I have a little Yorkie who has urinary bladder stones. Will AppleCider vinegar help to dissolve . Doctors are saying surgery is needed but he doesn't do well with anesthesia.......

EC: Please see our Bladder Stone Remedies for Dogs page here for feedback from readers who used ACV.

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