Purslane Herbal Remedies

Purslane Feedback
Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 07/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I heard about purslane back in April when my husband's friend Mark was visiting from Canada and raved to us about it. Took me a couple months to get around to it, but I finally ordered the capsules from Canada (dreadfully expensive, unfortunately) two weeks ago and now can provide initial feedback on the herb. I also called Mark to ask for his feedback to post on Earth Clinic, since he's been taking it for over 2 years now.

First, Mark's feedback:

Mark has an anemic condition since having his spleen removed in his early 20s... His hemoglobin count was 80-85 for most of his adult life. Now it is 110. The only new thing he has added to his diet has been the purslane supplements, of which he takes 2 a day. His energy level has increased on it, also his sleep is better. Finally, no cold sores for the entire amount of time he's been on it.

My initial feedback after 7 days:

Increased stamina, which has shown up most obviously in karate. My energy typically ebbs by the end of the week when I am tired from training a few days in a row. Not so since taking purslane. Of course it's been too soon to know if this initial increase of energy will last, but I will report back in a few months.

Next - sleep. Yep, it's true. Deep, restful sleep. Vivid dreams too.

Will give another update in a few months, but this is my initial report on purslane for now. Hopefully some of the reputable US herbal companies will give this common weed notice and come to market with some affordable/competitive pricing. For now our choices are to pay $57 for a bottle of 60 pills from the only company producing purslane capsules, or consuming copious amounts of purslane in order to get the 500 mg!!

P.S. The only side effect I have experienced is feeling somewhat dehydrated upon waking. So increased water a night is a good idea!