Oregano Herbal Remedies


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Posted by Suzanne (Kansas City, Mo, Usa) on 09/29/2009

On the subject of Eczema - I have been giving my teen Oil of Oregano in capsules (one in the morning and one at night) to help with her Eczema; this has helped trememdously with the itching and some of the redness. We have tried the cortizone cremes from the doctors and that did not help her at all. I've been reading here today on the suggstions of using Apple Cider Vinegar and plan to try that. I can remember as a small child my grandma taking vinegar to help with her ailments so maybe there is something to this.

As a side note I personally am taking the oregano capsules as well for sinus relief (have been for three years). I used to have a large problem with my sinus passages closing up when I laid down for the evening. I was taking a ton of OTC medications to just be able to go to sleep. I started taking this after reading up about the many health issues that are related to what is in our blood stream and that this herb can help with this. I do belive that this herb has helped us a lot.


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Posted by Michelle (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 03/05/2008

I couldn't find this one so here goes. Best for kids, as it helps whatever is causing the fever, especially virus. Two drops of Oreganol Oil, on each foot rub it in and fever will break in a matter of five (5) minutes. I have four kids and have used this on ALL of them. It has absolutely always worked.

You can rub a few drops on chest for congestion or sinus trouble too. I have used two drops behind ear (rub all around area) for curing ear infections, ear pain, etc.

You can't beat it for cuts, they will never get infected! Best for little finger cuts as they are hard to keep clean! Also cures toenail fungus, especially seriously infected ones, drop several drops around nail bed, under nail, and around affected toe, with in hours, the pain is gone! Three times a day and the toe infection will be gone in a few days. My friend 6'11" male, was about to go to the ER when I told him to try this, he could barely walk! It was easy to walk in a matter of hours and completely cured in a few days! Three times a day several drops. Epsom salt soaks help to draw out infection and help pain too.

Earth Clinic is my Favorite for everything!


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Posted by Cheryl (Manteca, California) on 02/11/2009

Oil of Oregano cure for fungus rash: Oil of Oregano (Oreganoworld.com has the undiluted, pure oil for $19 oz-I bought this one-very inexpensive) cured what seemed to be fungus-possibly Candida type rash. I suffered with the rash for 14 months, no prescription creams, powders or otc creams helped me. I was at my wits end-the dermatologist took a biopsy-said it was 'like athletes foot/fungus type rash' and prescribed Lamisil pills and cream for 2 months-this did not work. I heard about Oil of Oregano from a radio talk show-Coast to Coast-and, gave it a try. It worked in 3 days-I took it internally and mixed it with extra virgin coconut oil on the skin-it went away. Amazing miracle to me.

Replied by Cheryl
(Manteca, California-USA)

Hi-Please do yourself a big favor if you are bothered by what the dr calls-athlete's foot type rash. For over a year I tried every cream, spray, powder on the market-doctor after dermatologist with biopsy gave me everything-presription including 2 mos of Lamisil pills and cream. The dermatologist got mad when Lamisil didn't work after her biopsy. Well, I prayed so hard and then found Oil of Oregano-wow! 3 days cured-its been months and its still gone. I diluted with olive oil under my tongue and later used the gel capsules to fill and take orally. I diluted this very strong oil with olive oil on the rash itself-stops that horrible itch,too. I later learned Extra Virgin Coconut oil is anti-fungal and mixed the oregano oil with this and used this on the skin. I need to know more-Iam very grateful to Earth Clinic-I learned about the evcc-extra virgin coconut oil from this site. Also, I really never knew what the rash was from-I think it was a Candida fungus type rash -it seemed way worse when I ate sugar. So, I also had to clean up my diet dramatically and I still stay away from processed white flour and sugar etc. But, try Oil of Oregano-anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti parasitic/worms. Great for wiping Candida out. Blessings and good health to you all. I would say-research all you can about all of these oils: Thuja, Thieves oil etc as to there healing qualities.


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Posted by Lani (Houston, Texas) on 12/15/2008

Oregano Oil for Herpes Outbreaks:

I happened upon this about 4 years ago, I've had herpes now for several years and break out about twice a year or sometimes more, if I am not getting enough sleep.

I was using Oregano oil for something unrelated during the beginning stages of a herpes outbreak. Those who have herpes recognize the pain that comes with the beginning of an outbreak. After taking the oregano oil, the outbreak was very mild and I continued the oregano oil for a few days until the outbreak disappeared altogether.

For the last 4 years or so, this has worked for me every single time I've had an outbreak. I've never had a severe or painful one since, as long as I take oregano oil for about 3 days from the onset of the symptoms.

Amount: I cannot take the taste of oregano oil, so I buy the oil and I fill up an empty capsule and swallow it with water, followed by a glass of water. I usually take one capsule, twice a day for about 3 days. At first I thought it was coincidence, but for me this is tried and true.

I hope this helps others.

I wonder if this would eventually kill the virus by taking it daily for a prolonged period of time?? However, I don't know how healthy it is to take Oregano oil on a daily basis.

Any feedback to these questions would be very much appreciated.

Replied by Tracey
(Gainesville, FL)

Thank you for your post. Anything that is helpful with this horrible pain is so appreciated. Where can I purchase oregano oil. What are the specific's? How many mg's. thanks again

Replied by Teel

I have been suffering from the outbreaks for the past three years. I noticed stress brings it on and different dosages of vacyclovir gets rid of it faster than others. I was coming down with one when I started the oils back at the end of Feb. (I also applied a mixture of a drop of oil to vaseline on outbreak zone) It never fully came out and no reoccurrence. I try to do three to four drops under my tongue every morning with rubbing the oil in the spine daily. It's been a little over a month and so far so good. The smell and taste is very strong but a small price to beat this. I advise caution with drops as burning can occur. I allow saliva to form before swallowing to digest and avoid burning my throat. Others can try water. I hope to check back in a year and say not one outbreak has happened since starting. Hopefully this works.

Posted by Terri (Upper Marlboro, USA) on 03/10/2008

I was doing some additional research on a particular brand of Oil of Oregano (as I mainly used another brand) and came across info regarding it's effectiveness to cure Herpes. While I have not used Oil of Oregano for this purpose, it's one of the staple natural remedies I've been using for years. Some of the things I've successfully used it for are: Yeast Infections, Abcesses, intestinal parasites (after eating Pork they usually make themselves known), bleeding gums, itching skin and I'm sure there are many more things it could be used for. Give it a try and see what happens. It's a little pricey for the small bottle but it lasts a long time. It can be used internally and externally. It's very caustic taken in liquid so after a while I got smart and now buy gel capsules and use the dropper to fill it and take it that way. If you try it, please report back your findings so others may benefit.

For Herpes (http://www.doctorajadams.com/OilOfOregano.html):
In "The Cure is in the Cupboard", Dr Cass Ingram's states that "a study done by Sidiqqui determined that the oil completely destroyed herpes viruses, 'disintegrating' them. He states to daily rub the oil vigorously over the spinal column since that is where the virus lives when it is dormant. He states to take 5 or more drops of the oil under the tongue twice daily. Naturally, everyone's immune system is different so no time frame is given; however, one of the testimonials given in the book states that a woman's genital herpes completely disappeared after only 1 month, after having it for several years.

Also visit Edgar Cayces' site on using Caster Oil packs to strenthen your immune system. Don't recall the URL so you'll need to Google it.

P.S. Make sure the Oil of Oregano you purchase comes from the Mediterranian. This is the only kind that contains the medicinal properties.

Posted by L. (Berkeley, CA) on 01/19/2008

I am writing about severe, non-responsive, apparently untreatable genital herpes.

I have had herpes for tweny years. It was never a huge problem till two years ago when I came down with a painful outbreak with swollen genital glands, which have continued to this day. No anti-viral or natural remedy has had any effect. I have had continuous outbreaks while on anti-viral medications. I have also been in a state of constant outbreak for the past two months,so painful that I cannot stand it. At first I though BHT was working, but it didn't. I am on daily: BHT 3,150 mg Lysine 3000 mg Zinc, 50 mg Vit C w/bioflav 2000mg Vit A 24,000 IU Vit E 1600 IU Selenium 200 mg B50 2 per day Vit B1 1000mg Ted's Apple Cider Vinegar recipe Applied topically: ACV Hydrogine Peroxide Black tea

I am in terrible pain; please help me if you can. Many thanks

Replied by Chris
(Dallas, Tx)

I know I'm super late with responding to your issue but better late than never if you haven't already found a solution. It sounds like you're very acidic. If you want results, stop drinking carbonated drinks, eating meat and processed foods. Those things are very acidic to the body and viruses, parasites, and bacteria thrive in an environment like that. Go vegan. If you must eat meat, don't eat ANY fried food. Learn about acidic and alkaline foods. You want to eat alkaline foods. Buy plant derived minerals.. I buy mine from Amazon. It's worth the price. Your body needs minerals to function at it's optimal levels. MD's will never tell you this or prescribe minerals. Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies have a close relationship. You can't trust them. You may want to lay off the Vit C. I've read in a study that it actually promotes outbreaks unless taken at very high doses. I've also read Niacin works well and could possibly cure it if taken for 6-9 months. Oil of Oregano is good too. Hope this helps.

Replied by Desi
(Cincinnati , Oh)

Please if U can get a hair sample. This will check the toxins in your system. Sounds like a detox and a total raw food diet is in order.

Joint Issues

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Posted by Tavora (Brooklyn, NY) on 05/03/2009

Just wanted to say very quickly that after reading several posts about oil of oregano helping with inflammation/joint pain - I decided to try it tonight. OMG!! Let me tell u - the clicking and popping that I have been experiencing the last two months disappeared!!! (My ailments are actually an inner ear problem with a misaligned spine) but when I rubbed the oil on my knees, shins, shoulders and neck - I felt - LITERALLY - instant, instant relief!! I could not believe it!! As I stood up and walked around for a bit - no popping - no clicking!! This gives me so much hope! I will continue to use this as one of my arsenals and though I know we are not allowed to state specific brands....I do want to say the one I bought is ___. I will also take it orally to help with the tension in my spine. Will keep u posted.

Thank you so much EC!!! :0)

Medicinal Oregano Seeds

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Posted by Anon (Not Canada) on 06/28/2020

The local hardware store sells what is labled "Greek Oregano". We planted some and it smells just like my bottle of wild oregano oil. It's hot when you eat it, too, like the oil is. So you might want to grab a pack of seeds before big pharma notices.

The package of oregano I bought in the spice aisle smells and tastes nothing like it. It's just floral scented and not spicey at all.


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Posted by Sarahlynnlee (K.c., Mo, Usa) on 04/28/2011

Okay people, I have been battling melasma for about 2 years or so and it was getting progressively worse by the month! I want to tell you what is helping me. First of all, I have a food journal that I've been keeping for about a year and I write EVERYTHING in it that I eat and what I use on my skin so I can track the changes.

About 3 months ago I had a big patch of my melasma got dark and crusty and then completely went away to reveal normal skin. Then, no more of the melasma went away so I recently went through my food journal to find out what I was eating and what I was putting on my face. The only thing that I could find that I was doing then and not now was eating lots of raw carrots (not sure why). I'm not a huge carrot fan so I started looking online for beta carotene benefits and saw that a lack of beta carotene causes dry skin and other skin conditions. I bought some at the health food store, 25,000 IU and took it immediately. That was yesterday, and no joke today it is much lighter. BUT, before that I remembered reading that melasma might be a fungal condition and I gave my boyfriend a long time ago some oregano oil for something (I can't remember) that he was dealing with. He suggested to me that I try it on the melasma only because it is an anti-fungal oil.

So on the eve of Easter of this year, I took a couple of drops and started rubbing it into only the parts with melasma and OMG, it burned so bad at first, worse than ACV. The burning subsided so I left it on for about 30 minutes or so and washed it off really well. I have to tell you, you should maybe dilute it with another oil, I used argon oil after that painful experience and it helped but still burned a bit. Anyway, yesterday morning I used the oregano oil again in the morning with the argon oil and by yesterday evening, some of my melasma spots are dry and flaking. Before when I had that big patch that went away, it also dried up and fell off. So I think it is either the oregano oil or the beta carotene or both. I'm not going to pick the dry scaly pieces off, I'm going to wait until they fall off. I'll check back in as soon as I notice the difference. I'm hoping a couple of days the skin will slough off. This condition is awful and I too am on the hunt for a solution. I've tried EVERYTHING and I research this every single day. I also want to say that I'm doing the GSE, MSM, ACV and have not seen any real difference with those. Hope this works, I'll check back soon.

Replied by Fernanda
(Modesto, Ca)

Hi just following up on oregano therapy could you let me know if your melasma has disappeared with the carotene and oil treatments.

thank you Fernanda

Replied by Sarah
(Kansas City, Mo)

Well, sadly it has not worked Fernanda. My skin was flaking off but there was still melasma under it. I was so disappointed! I'm still struggling to find SOMETHING to get rid of this. I am taking silica because it is good for hair, skin and nails so I thought that it can't hurt. I'm also taking my vit. C, MSM, ACV, etc... and hopefully it will lighten.

This has been an awful experience for me as well as so many others out there. There has to be something out there that can get rid of this condition. One thing I will say about the silica is that it makes my skin feel soft but it's still too early to tell if it will help with melasma. I have only been taking it for a week or so. I'll let you know how it works. Thanks.

Replied by Mishapookie
(Birmingham, Al, Usa)

I have a problem with scaling skin from Eczema or psoriasis and rosacea on my face. I use a couple of things that seem to work as long as I keep up with regimen.

Cup of Extra vergin coconut oil (I like scented) with about 10-20 drops of tea tree oil extract and 10-20 drops of lemon oil extract. Smells wonderful. Let that sit for 15-30 minutes if you can. Then I use this cheap lotion Dermasil from Dollar General. Best EVER!! I let it sit on my face as long as possible to get it soaked in then wipe off excess. My face can get a bit shiny from it, but I will take shiny over scaly any day.

I do this every morning and night and my skin is normal looking and back to peaches and cream. If I get off schedule it comes back within 24 hours though. Doesn't heal it... just keeps it at bay.

I hope it will help you some anyway. Different conditions but similar too.

Menstrual Issues

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Posted by Eve K (Houston, Tx) on 08/09/2009

For relief from menstrual cramps, steep dried oregano (any kind as you would normally have in your pantry) in boiling water for several minutes. Sip at least one cup, more if needed.


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Posted by Dman (Houston, Tx) on 08/17/2009

Oil of oregano killed the MRSA. Here it is 1 year later and i thought i was MRSA free, and there it is a new nasty boil on my inner thigh. I went and bought ____ ___ , just ask for 1 oz __ __. (accept no substitutes, must say ___ on bottle ) I have used the reguler strength in the past, this is a few times stronger. For 2 days I took 2 droperfulls per day (180 lb male ) than went to 1 droperfull per day for 2 weeks. This stuff is very (medicine was not created to taste good ! )chase it like a shot. I put oil of oregano, and a big square Bandaid on the boil the first night and it burned like hell .The next morning put a hot washcloth on it( brings it to a head) and it opened and drained. put the oil and bandaid on it for about 5 days. Incredible healing. I still continue one half dropper oil daily and pray to God it does not come back. I have tried EVERYTHING a few of them are listed on this sight.Turmeric did not do much for me and irritated my digestive tract. Some seemed to help, but gave limited results.This worked better than anything (including some very expensive antibiotics) Get the oil online for less Please try this, I posted this because I want to help people, and I hope this will work for others

Replied by Kelly
(Dallas Tx)

I need help with fighting MRSA!! I have used oregano, garlic, turmeric mixed with Gse, and essential oils.... It's not killing it this time. Please help!! I'm desperate. Can not/will not take anymore antibiotics... That's how we got here, right?

Replied by Rsw

Medical grade Manuka honey has been found to stop MRSA. There are many articles on the Internet about this. It does say that "medical grade" will remove any impurities in the honey, which may be found in grocery bought honey, that could cause further problems. Best wishes.

Replied by Mare

And, considering the highly profitable business of medical supplies and medical-grade this n' that in the U.S., I don't worry about only getting hooked into the Manuka-only or medical-grade honey promotions. There are many sources of superb quality local and bioregional powerful raw honey from small beekeepers. In fact, local honey has allergy-prevention benefits as an added plus. (Due to the devastations recently experienced in bee populations, there has been a reduction of quality raw honey availability in certain areas, sadly).

Replied by Cgl

Hi there - regarding the MRSA; Allimed 450mg capsules (medical strength) has been documented to succesfully combat MRSA. Dr. Peter Josling headed the research into allicin - the active ingredient in Garlic. I have used garlic in many forms succesfully over the years - never to treat MRSA, but if you google allicin and mrsa you will get his research and the results. Source the Allimed from the UK - it's cheaper there. Good luck

Replied by Kelly
(Washington, Dc)

Hi. I have similar problems with Staph and have been taking oil of oregano for years instead of using antibiotics. I wanted to add that turmeric also helps with the inflammation but you also need to take black pepper with it. The turmeric is much more potent when you add the pepper.

Posted by Bobbie (Dubuque, USA) on 05/29/2007

Wild oil of oregano with P73 kills MRSA as well as many parasites, virus, fungi & bacteria.

Nail Fungus

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Posted by Charles (Hillsdale, NY) on 01/08/2007

Oil of Oregano and wearing sandals cured my nail fungus. My injured toenail grew yellow fungus! I found that oil of oregano stopped progression. After reading all info I could find about this, I realized that it always states nail fungus thrives in "dark, moist conditions" So I now wear sandals open air at all times ( not at some work of course) and now the fungus is hardly visible; I don't bother to take oil of oregano that often, now, either This easy step definitely reduces easily the effects of toenail fungus, but I do not know if it actually cures it I hope this info is helpful!

Replied by Charles
(Hillsdale, New York)

I would like to add this note to my previous note: I did not/do not have severe toenail fungus. My input should be used for mild cases, to keep from becoming severe Because the oil of oregano did NOT seen to completely eliminate fungus, only "kept it at bay" Same with wearing sandals--it keeps the fungus "at bay" A quick look at toenail today shows clean new growth under small spot of toenail fungus on big toe that used to be 3/4 covered--I'd say 1/8 covered now; next toenail down was damaged; this one still looks like there is fungus but not as bad as it used to be; perhaps half gone; I attribute this reduction to the constant sandal wearing as well as good exercise and diet as I stopped oil of oregano last year and only occasionally use it now So I will try antiseptic mouthwash and get back to you about results. Thank you!

Replied by Charles
(Hillsdale, New York)

Remedy Update on previous posts It is now about a year since last post. Have continued to wear sandals and keep feet very clean, and I cut nails way back. Not using anything else at this point Toenail fungus is not visible even when I look closely!

Nail Fungus
Posted by Julie (River Grove, IL) on 05/02/2006

I am very happy to pass this on to anyone who has this condition because you will absolutely get rid of your discolored/thickened toenails with no side effects! I know because my nails are clear and beautiful again. Apply oil of oregano to your nails with a Q-tip in the morning and evening. You can buy oil of oregano at any health food store. Do this and your unsightly toenails will be a thing of the past. Do this for approximately 6 or 7 months, so your new clear toenails will grow in and that's it! I followed this advice and my nails are completely clear and normal.

Replied by Julie
(River Grove, IL)

I sent in a comment on 5/2/06, and I have an additional comment to make: I noticed some of you have written in and are concerned about how to get rid of the fungal infection in the internal nail. When you use oil of oregano on your nails for treatment of nail fungus, you will notice it is actually absorbed into the entire nail and completely destroys all of the fungus. You will not be disappointed in the results!

Nervous System

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Posted by Rv (Sherman Oaks, Ca) on 10/21/2009

Well, from my own experience, oregano tea from the original natural oregano plant is very good for you in many ways. It is very good for your nervous system. When you feel tired or down, it gives you energy. Also it takes away your stomach aches.

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