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Posted by Lovealot (Questa, New Mexico) on 03/04/2012
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I gave my 45 pound, mix bread, female dog named Brownie some pain killers; due to the fact that she had this painful growth on her eye lid. To be exact for five days I gave her one acetaminophen and four naproxen. By the fifth day she was puking and had diarrhea. I felt horrible. I intoxicated her liver. I called the veterinary hospitals. Instead of giving helpful advise they made me feel like I intended to poison my dog and gave me a hard time on estimating a fee. The minimum fee at the vet was going to be $1, 000. I looked up this advise and am so grateful. The Milk thistle saved Brownie's life. I gave her a mix of Milk thistle, burdock root liquid extract and licorice root liquid extract at eleven am and by four pm she mad a complete 360. I mean it was amazing how the Milk thistle detox her liver so fast. I also did give her a 30 cc of pediatric pedialyte in her vein with a insulin syringe I bought from Rite Aid to rehydrate her. By six pm she was eating canned wet food and drinking water. She didn't puke any of it up. Went on a run, was filled with joy and energy. Brownie survived thanks to the four tables of milk thistle.

Replied by Missy
Buffalo, Ny

Lovealot from Questa, New Mexico: Could you please tell us what dosage(mg) you gave to your dog?

Posted by Debih (Moreno Valley, Ca, Usa) on 06/04/2011

Our 6 yr old lab has had elevated liver enzymes for a few years now, not exhibiting many symptoms yet, also the vet has already tried the "drugs" with no improvement. After we had her just yesterday to get her teeth cleaned and she still is not herself yet, this is the last time she's going under anesthesia, unless an emergency. I came back to my tried and true Earth Clinic for help. After reading all the stories about the milk thistle and the chloraphyll, I took myself down to the local health food store and bought both. We also have a 3 yr old lab mix so he's getting it too. Shoot, my liver enzymes are usually elevated so I'm going to use it too! They love it just straight out of the bowl! I got the chloraphyll in Apple flavor and both of them lapped it up! Neneh also has some fatty tumors showing up the last year and I'll be watching them too. Her sister is 18 months older and is overweight (they feed people food! ) and also has quite a few smaller fatty tumors. I'm going to tell them about this too, they never take her to the vet except to get shots. I'll come back and give an update in a month. Thanks to everyone that posted!

Posted by CARA (PHARR, TEXAS, USA) on 04/09/2009
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Posted by Cheryl (Greensburg, PA) on 02/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My 11 year old lab/springer mix was diagnosed with a failing liver and we were at the point where we might have to put her down. I was so upset and traditional medicines were not working. I then tried Milk Thistle, Burdock Root and Vitamin E. She is amazing. Even our Vet can not believe the difference in her. She went from unable to stand, severe confusion, not barking to happy, playful and barking at everything in sight. For us, this was truly a miracle. Her liver enzymes went from counts in the thousands back down to normal ranges.

Replied by Jes
Alloway, nj

I have a question for CHERYL FROM GREENSBURG PA. i have a 10 year old boxer and his liver enzymes are way off the chart too and he also has some sort of tumor growth affecting the same area. i would like to start by helping his liver enzymes go back to normal range. other wise we are considering the same thing you would have had to do. HOW MUCH MILK THISTLE BURDOCK ROOT AND VITAMIN E DID YOU GIVE YOUR PET AND IN WHAT FORM? AND HAVE YOU RESEARCED ANY SIDE AFFECTS OF THESE "MEDICINES" ON DOGS? i really appreciate any response you can post as soon as possible. our dog is not doing so good."

03/06/2008: Lonnie from Kitchener, Canada replies: "I would like to find out what dosage you give regarding the burdock root, milk thistle and vitamin e for liver disease. I have a Maltese that is suffering and I am desperate. HELP ME PLEASE!!! The letter you published does not give any specifics. Thank you,"

03/27/2008: Carla from Orange Park, Florida replies: "I would like to find out what dosage you give regarding the burdock root, milk thistle and vitamin e for liver disease. Our 6.5 lb yorkie "Oliver" possibly ate something toxic... Hydrangea or Sago Palm and is not doing well. His liver count is high and the vet has given him Denosyn but I'd be willing to try anything to help him. Could you please let me know if you think it would help and how much to give. Is it the same stuff humans take or is it special for animals? Thank you in advance for your response."

07/02/2008: Kathleen from Vancouver, WA replies: "I have just adopted a male Basenji (Peyton) almost 3 weeks ago and am having behavioral problems. He is the sweetest boy with me every now and then would lash out at other dogs for no apparent reason. The breeder and I decided to talk to a Pet Communicator that I was skeptical of. Before I even asked the Pet Communicator questions she informed me that Peyton's liver needed to be cleansed of anesthesia from his neutering 3 weeks ago. She explained that the inbalance in the liver was affecting his odd behavior and when the liver is cleansed I will notice a difference in his behavior. I won't go into more detail of the visit I had with the Pet Communicator accept to say she knew things there is NO WAY she could have known about him!! I am now convinced and no longer a skeptic of pet communicators! Too the point..what she suggested to help clean his liver is to use Vitamin C in powder form and to give Peyton who is about 25 lbs 50-100 MG a day. She also suggested Milk Thistle and Dandelion. She said they usually come in 500 MG capsuls and to give him only 1/4 of the 500 MG. I would assume to get it in powder form as well. She said she uses it on her dogs (whoe are bigger then Peyton) and she gives them the same amount she suggested to me. I havn't tried it yet since I only found out last night, but I am going to. Hope this helps!

Yoruba Name for Milk Thistle  

Posted by Matilda (Lagos) on 07/01/2017

Hi please what is the Yoruba name for milk thistle and where can it be found???