Lemon Balm Remedies for Home Health

| Modified on May 15, 2020
Posted by Sc (Dubai, Uae) on 04/10/2012

Dear folks, after exactly one year of the first diagnosis of ht my tsh has gone to 0.243. Diagnosis was subclinical ht. So first thing I did was buy mogwort lemon balm and bugleweed. Don't take any medicine other than herbs for your ht. There is another formula lemon juice with baking soda. Ted has shared it long time. Say no no killing medicines. Never remove your thyroid. Do your best with herbs.

Posted by Maggie (Birmingham, MI) on 06/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Allergies: My French Bulldog, 26 lbs, was given Ketoconazole for a large sore on her muzzle several years ago, like a cold sore. I stopped using it as soon as she became sick. I then used lemon balm ointment from Whole Foods, which my daughter uses for cold sores. The lemon balm works wonderfully. I also wash my dog down weekly with a little vinegar in water (no soap) and wash her face daily in diluted hydrogen peroxide.

She is now 5 years old and extremely healthy, no more sores, no itching and scratching in the summer. Also, she no longer gets shots or vaccinations.

Scalp Infection, Cold Sores
Posted by Jane (Virgina) on 05/15/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for Earth clinic, thank all the people who posted the sickness with results.

Earth clinic had saved my two sicknesses. 1st was bone spurs with vinegar. And now with herpes, cold sores with fresh lemon balm.

My symptoms are: my head had tiny, plenty pimples. They appeared never stopped on my head over ten years ….They were big and small. Some times, sometimes they had mucus, pus that you could quizze with your nails. But most of the times, they just dried up and left with the tiny tiny scalp. I don't know what sickness was. I never ask doctor for treatment. I had herpes virus since I got married. Of course, we both treated. However, near the vigina and anus, there was a small bumpy. Only you touch and you would notice.

Later, after 40 years, the bumpy became itchy. It was around, smaller than the 25 cent coin. Itching come and go. Once a year, then 3,4,5 times a years .then …every month, then every week, very bothered me . Gyconologist sraped (cut the surface of skin ) send to lab. The result is cancer basil carcinoma. I had surgery mohrth. But the viruses are stil . I had pimple on my eye brown, around my mouth…. something that pimples always appeared at the same place all the time and of course, the pimples on my head never stopped! Just 2 weeks ago, I read about lemon balm. And my tiny yard I had them grow. I picked 9 branches about longer than 1/2 foot and filled with less than one pitcher water .

My daughter, my husband, me we all drink for 1 day. Only less than 3 days, I noticed my daughter and I we both don't have pimple come up, and my head no more tiny pimples on. Thanks God, thanks readers for writings and for all the Earth Clinic.

P.S. I boiled lemon balm every day for three of us drink now.

Cold Sores
Posted by Judy (High Point, North Carolina, USA) on 07/10/2012
5 out of 5 stars

In answer to your inquiry to readers on lemon balm: Years ago I had an awful cold sore and found in the health food store a cream that had melissa extract which is lemon balm as main ingredient and was sold as a remedy for cold sores and it worked like magic!

Cold Sores
Posted by Sue M. (Worden, Il, Usa) on 05/18/2012

I was also starting to get frequent cold sores... Every couple of months and I felt terrible with them. So, I was doing some research and read on Dr. Mercola's website that if you take Red Marine Algae( with gigartina/dumontacea in the formula) that this will help prevent you from getting the cold sores. So far, so good. It's been a couple of months and no signs of an episode.

Cold Sores
Posted by Angela (Brisbane, Qld, Australia) on 05/17/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have tried a number of remedies for cold sores with no success: ice, apple cider vinegar, lysine (was ok), crystal salt deoderant (only helped the blister dry up). I get cold sores every couple of months so was very keen to find a good cure. I recently attended a medicinal herb workshop and was told to try lemon balm. I happen to grow it in my garden so I made a tea of it and have been drinking it 3 times per day. I found that within a day the cold sore I had went down and all pain subsided. It is now healing well. Additionally I have put some goldenseal ointment onto the healing sore and that is also clearing up a lot faster than normal. The teacher at the herb workshop said her husband use to get regular cold sores and he now drinks lemon balm tea often. He has not had a cold sore in years.

Cold Sores
Posted by Khfromoz (Knoxville, Tennessee, United States) on 01/17/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I have been plauged with sores on my lips since getting kissed in high school by a guy who had a sore (I remember noticing it but didn't know what it was). I tried every prescribed medication but never really found relief, especially after the sore erupted. Over the years, I have experienced fewer outbreaks and I attribute that to: eating healthier, developing better ways to cope with stress, and including l-lysine and lemonbalm in my supplement regimine. As soon as I feel that tight, tingly spot in my lip, I load up (just about triple) my dose of the l-lysine and lemonbalm, and the outbreak doesn't come through. This has been a terrible week (including the death of a family member) and I missed that tight, tingly feeling. Today, I have blisters. I've read and read and read everyone's posts. I'm trying the hydrogen peroxide treatment and calling in sick to work. I'llbe happy to post the outcome later, but I wanted to let you guys know what I've found that prevents the sores to begin with. Research for your self to determine the best dosages and frequency of before you begin any herbal supplementation, but I personally attest to the effectiveness of this regimine.

How to Make Lemon Balm
Posted by Harmonious1 (Alamogordo, New Mexico) on 09/29/2009

I have been learning from some very informed people that Lemon Balm is much more potent if used fresh, since the volatile oils are scarce compared to other herbs. I take the fresh herb and pulse in blender with vodka. Then I put it in a jar and let it sit in a dark place, shaking it up every day or so. Just as easy and you get all the oils this way.

Genital Herpes
Posted by Meg (Grafton, WI) on 01/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Grow some lemon balm (melissa officianalis) in your garden. It is easy and prolific in a sunny spot. Just before it flowers, cut down about 1/3 of the plant and hang it upside down in a dry, out-of-the-sun place. When it is really dry (crumbles in you hand), crumble the leaves into a bag or dish. Discard the stems (makes good compost.)

Further chop/mince the lemon balm using a food chopper to as small as you can... this should be the consistency of ground spices or as small as you can go. If you can find gelatin capsules, get some and stuff the ground lemon balm into the capsules. You will get 1/2 to 1 teaspoon into a capsule. If you can't find capsules, take a teaspoon in some yogurt - let it soften a bit first.

At the first sign of a herpes outbreak, take one or two capsules 2 or 3 times during the day for a day or two. It will avoid or greatly minimize the outbreak. For an extra boost, take 3 to 4 garlic tablets at the same time. Both lemon balm and garlic seem to stop herpes in its tracks. Lemon balm is most effective. It helps to become attuned to your body so you can detect the subtle signs before they become a problem.

Posted by Sc (Dubai, Uae) on 04/14/2012

It has been okay until recently I have tsh low level. After one week of taking it u can feel better. Not sure about the melissa lb or lb.

Posted by Maryanne (Winthrop, Massachusetts) on 12/30/2011

Sorry this is months later, but is there a difference between "melissa lemon balm" and regular old lemon balm? I have lemon balm in my freezer now, and I can easily make a tincture. Just wondering, since I thought that Melissa was an entirely different herb than Lemon Balm. I've had Grave's Disease for 5 years, and I'm so sick of them trying to kill my thyroid with RAI! So far I have vehemently refused, and I've switched over to a naturopath. We'll see how it goes. I appreciate any other tips you guys can give. I'll try them all!

Thanks! Oh, also - how long did you have to take this combo to see results? How are your thyroid levels when you don't take this?

Cold Sores
Posted by Lily (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) on 07/27/2011

Beeara, Lemon balm and Melissa are the same thing. Just different names. Lily.

Cold Sores
Posted by Beeara (Corvallis, Or) on 07/27/2011

Yes, I know that. Just wondering how you've been using melissa -- in tea form, tincture, essential oil topical or what?

Cold Sores
Posted by Beeara (Corvallis, Or) on 07/25/2011

What form of melissa do you use. I'd heard that the essential oil applied to cold sore is very effective but it's also quite cost prohibitive. I've been using tincture of lemon balm since this last outbreak but am not sure it's helping.

Posted by Sc (Me, Dubai, United Arab Emirates) on 05/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Folks, I was having acute hyperthyroidism with one of the days getting into almost a coma due to raise in one of the T (t3 or t4 raised to 22 normallly is around 4?. I was told... by the doctor...)

Started taking twice per day 30 drops of melissa lemon balm and 30 drops of bugleweed. After 45 days I did blood test. Totally cure as per doctor. He was amazed. Didnt take care of diet too much. I like veggies, yogurt, nuts, etc. healthy.

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