Elderberry: Power of the Antioxidant!

| Modified on Jan 15, 2015
Posted by Mitch6114 (Gatineau, Quebec) on 12/06/2010

When I feel a cold or the flu starting, I take my Elderberry extract or tincture which is a natural home remedy that is much cheaper than Tamiflu to prevent and cure the flu and the common cold. You can make it easily at home (recipe follows). Elderberries are a good source of Vitamins A, B and C. Have antiviral properties, are rich in anthocyanins (which is good for the heart) have high antioxydant properties.. This tincture will help prevent and heal fever and pain due to the flu, a cold, a sore throat, chills, a cough.

How to make your own Elderberry Tincture or Extract:
First : Dehydrate approximately 2 to 3 lbs of freshly picked eldeberries in an electrical dehydrator or buy already dried elderberries, if available in your area. Place 1/4 to ½ lb of dried elderberries in a clean quart size mason jar, add 1 full bottle of vodka. Put lid on and store in a dark, dry place for at least 30 days. Shake the jar every few days. Then, strain it immediately OR leave the berries in the tincture and strain them when you use the tincture (it will continue to get stronger). Take 4 tbsps of the tincture at the first signs of a cold or the flu, two to three times a day OR take 1 tsp twice a day (morning and night) to prevent you and your family from getting a cold or the flu.

High Cholesterol
Posted by Diamond (Ma.) on 01/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I just started using Elderberry liquid for high cholesterol, I am very surprised as to how fast it has worked, I am beginning to think & feel much better. I try not getting into conventional meds. as I came close to having a heart attack because of an assumed infection & too many antibiotics, which it was not an infection but a fungal virus. Since then I have found so much more great remedies.Thank you for this wonderful web site and every one here that shares all these wonderful remedies.

Posted by Carynllewellyn (Edgewater, Maryland) on 04/18/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Please add Elderberry to your list of Remedies for Viral control...I use it to keep from having any Herpes outbreaks. I see my story is posted, but it took some real looking to find it...so I thought if you added Elderberry to your Remedy list it would be more easily found as a valuable herb which evacuates (I believe the atual term is Encapsulates) the nasty virus(es) thus enabling the body to evacuate it without negatively affecting the body. thanks a bunch, Caryn

High Cholesterol
Posted by Erdem (Turkey) on 01/15/2015

Hello Diamond,

Your cholesterol problem is familial type, how was and/is your cholesterol marks before and after elderberry liquid taking, and does Elderberry give any side effects? Regards, Erdem