Cinnamon's Incredible Health Benefits

Urinary Tract Infections

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Posted by Jim (Bellingham, Wa) on 08/31/2010
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Cinnamon as a curative for UTI (urinary tract infections). Use/mix with toast or small yogurt. Stumbled on this when researching the topic of UTI's. So my wife gave it a try and... Bingo. Situation solved. Now a regular part of her diet. Also, when our female dog was passing blood the vet. wanted to schedule an operation he thought things were so bad. Took her home and just thought before we brought her back we would give her some yogurt with cinnamon. Next day urine looked perfect and brought the vet a sample. He was in disbelief as she tested normal. We've told many people about this as it is easy, cheap and really works. So for people and pets try it. Just a teaspoon seems to do it. We give it daily to our pets for years and never a problem since. Hope this post helps someone.

Replied by Anonymous
(Pacific Palsades, Ca)

The power of cinnamon to kill E-COLI there was a (study apple juice samples were tainted with approximately one million E. Coli O157:H7 bacteria. About a teaspoon of cinnamon was added and the concoction was left to stand for three days. When researchers tested the juice samples it was discovered that 99.5 percent of the bacteria had been destroyed. So I'm trying cinnamon oil in steam for E coli sinus infection a very small amount mixed with some soothing oil on q-tip put in my nose to inhale it to kill e coli.

Urinary Tract Infections
Posted by Donna (Royal Oak, Mi) on 01/05/2010
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I've battled bladder issues all my life, and for a while, high contentrations of cranberry (pills, not juice - juice has too much sugar which feeds the infection) helped. That was until I got IC and became antibiotic resistant. Felt like I was peeing glass. By fluke I read 3 sentences in a magazine that saved me - it basically said that cinnamon kills off E-coli. E-coli is often the cause of bladder issues and IC. I started taking cinnamon capsules and felt major relief in a matter of a few days. I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from IC. You'll sing its praises too.

Replied by Elizabeth
(Nashville, TN)

How much cinnamon do you take daily? Do you take capsules already premade or use fresh? Thanks."

01/08/2010: Donna from Royal Oak, Mi replies: "Fresh is of course always better, but I basically took premade capsules for the convenience. Started out with 4-6 a day, a couple in the morning, afternoon and evening. After the symptoms were alleviated, I gradually reduced my intake. I still will take one a day, and sprinkle fresh cinnamon on my toast or apples just for maintenance purposes. Wonderful thing is that cinnamon also helps stomach issues! (gas, bloating, etc) It is a miracle worker as far as I am concerned."

01/08/2010: Elizabeth from Nashville, Tn replies: "Thanks for the information. I will add this to my daily regimen for my IC and hopefully get the same results. God Bless!"

01/08/2010: Donna from Royal Oak, Mi replies: "Let me know if it works as well for you as it did for me! Good luck!"

08/16/2010: Emily from Charlotte, Nc replies: "Hi Donna, I live in NC but used to live in Ann Arbor, Mi! Hope you are doing well. I have suffered from pelvic pain for a while - I believe it's IC, as it flares up after I drink coffee, eat chocolate, or eat strawberries or tomatoes. I read your post and bought cinnamon capsules. I would love to know if you or anybody on this post has had luck with cinnamon - how many 500 mg capsules should I take every day to feel a difference?

Thanks! Emily"

09/08/2010: Jen from Ann Arbor, Mi replies: "Be careful with Cinnamon, it's a major IC bladder irritant for me."

[NAY ] 01/19/2012: Ichater from Northern, California Usa replies: "Prior to the worst flare up in my life, I had already been taking cinnamon capsules daily for a year prior... So I don't think that cinnamon works for everyone. I was taking 1000 mg a day and I still had a flare up.

Weight Loss

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Posted by Longtail4711 (Seattle, WA) on 05/22/2009
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Honey for Weight Loss and Stress:

I'm a big fan of honey for helping lose and maintain weight loss. My biggest problem with dieting is not that I don't enjoy daily exercise and vegetables, but I could not get rid of my sugar cravings in order to stop binging on cookies and chocolate! Especially in the afternoon and evening. It was stressing me out so bad I'd end up quitting and just yo-yoing my weight again. So read about honey, and thought it was worth a try. I started eating 1 TBS organic blackberry honey along with sprinkling of cinnamon on half a slice of toasted whole wheat pita bread. Perks me right up and gives me energy, and it gets rid of my sugar cravings! It's easy now to ignore high-fat fare, and I get a nutritious snack in the process that I don't have to feel guilty about. I've lost 64 pounds so far in the last year!

Weight Loss
Posted by Chu (Edmond, Oklahoma ) on 04/04/2009
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i have been drinking honey and cinnamon tea for about a month and have lost 10lbs i don't really change anything about my diet, however i noticed somedays i do eat less and do not have the munchies, but somedays i will pigout and not gain any weight,,, i drink it mainly at nite, and sometimes in the morning if i have time,,, i do add a ginger/honey flavored tea to it to mask the taste of the cinnamon and honey

recipe, i put in two shakes of cinnamon
one spoon of honey to taste, if it doesn't taste good you're not going to drink it, so adjust accordingly and use a tea that is to your taste,,,

it is important to use ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) not cassia cinnamon (Cinnamomum Cassia) because ceylon cinnamon only has .004% Coumarin and cassia has 5% Coumarin. Relatively small amounts of coumarin can damage the liver of particularly sensitive individuals.

i also found if i used pure raw unprocessed unfiltered honey the results were much faster,,, raw unprocessed honey is not runny and is in a solid state much like butter.

for those who like to follow recipes exactly
i use Owl brand Ginger Honey tea
Wee Bee Honey Naturally Raw
cinnamon from because most cinnamon found in stores are cassia or they are not even labeled, so it was easier to be sure i had the correct kind when i bought online, this was the cheapest place i could find it,,, i bought the 8oz size which comes in a convient shaker, this is lasting me a long time i've barely made a slight dent in the bottle.

hope this helps some of you guys with your weight loss goals!

Weight Loss
Posted by May (Milwaukee, US) on 07/21/2008
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Hi, I used a honey and cinnamon remedy that I heard about from my friend. If you use about a table spoon of raw honey in a cup of warm water (hot will kill the enzymes) and some cinnamon (I don't know exactly how much to use, I just use a couple shakes from the shaker). It speeds up your metabolism, I've lost a little weight, I have yet to weigh myself, but I can already tell, so I suggest trying it.

Weight Loss
Posted by Josephina (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) on 04/19/2008
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For last one week I am drinking cinnamon powder and honey in water to reduce fat in my body as per your advice. But after starting to do this I have started getting rash on my face and scratching of my eyes skin. Please advise me whether it is because of honey and cinnamon. My skin was always smooth without any rash or pimples.

Weight Loss
Posted by JULIE (SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA) on 01/07/2008


Weight Loss
Posted by Hema (Dubai, UAE) on 12/23/2007

Hi, I became obese after delivery. I tried honey and cinnamon remedy for obesity which was explained by 2 readers. I boiled the water and added honey and cinnamon powder. But after a little cooling water turned into a little sticky fluid (ex: like grease) and was unable to drink. Anyhow i consumed it. But after drinking i felt vomiting sensation and some uneasyness in the stomach. can you please help me by explaining the correct procedure of this remedy. Thanks in advance.

Replied by V
(Fremont, USA)

To answer your question about the honey and cinnamon remedy, Hema:

Put the cinnamon and honey together and make a paste. Let that sit for half an hour or so, then add the boiling water and stir. Cover the mixture for another half hour, let it stand; then filter the mixture, and you have your tea. Drink half in the morning, half an hour before breakfast, and half at night, right before bed. Any kind of honey and cinnamon will do. Hope that helps."

08/29/2009: Shalini from Houston, Tx replies: "Can Cinnamon & honey be mixed night before to set and boiling water be added in the morning before drinking?"

03/17/2011: Terri from Halifax, Canada replies: "Boiling water will kill what is good in honey. Do not add boiling water or microwave.

Weight Loss
Posted by Bonnie (Long Beach, US) on 12/13/2007
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I was looking on your site a couple days ago and saw a remedy with honey to help lose weight. I tried it and found that i had more energy during the day, had less of an appetite, and fell asleep faster at night!! i love it! the remedy i found was every morning, a half hour before breakfast, as well as right before bed at night, drink a tablespoon of honey in one cup of boiling water with a teaspoon of cinnamon. It has only been four days, but man, what a difference!!!

Weight Loss
Posted by T.Srikantharajah (Wimbledon, England) on 12/04/2007
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Daily in the morning, 1/2 hour before breakfast on an empty stomach and at night before sleeping, drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup water. If taken regularly it reduces the weight of even the most obese person. Also drinking of this mixture regularly does not allow the fat to accumulate in the body even though the person may eat a high calorie diet.

Replied by Javeria
(London, Wimbledon)
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I'm taking cinnamon from more than 2 Months but its not working on me because I have hypothyroid . Do you have any weight loss tip for me??