Black Seed Oil Benefits: Unlock Natural Health Wonders

Weight Loss
Posted by David (Connecticut) on 05/05/2017

I started using Black cumin seeds to loose weight, I followed what I was told on Youtube.

Soak 2 table spoons of (BLC) in a full coffee cup of spring or distilled water for at least an hour then boil the seeds for 5 min turn off heat let it sit on the burner foe 2 min strain the seeds I use a paper towel because when I get the seeds off the paper towel I use it to wipe my face down. (it has cleared my excema up up in 2 weeks behind my ear. Use a table spoon of raw honey and a table spoon of lemon(optional) then drink 1/2 hr before breakfast. Also repeat at night 2-3 hrs after eating for (weight loss do not have any carbs at night)

1 week and my Skin Tags were gone and I had a couple if big ones. You can also buy Black Cumin oil and rub that on but I have not tried that. Also there are many other things Black Cumin can cure much info this web site about it and Youtube w/Earthclinic on Youtube Thank YOU.