Black Seed Oil Benefits: Unlock Natural Health Wonders

HSV 1 and HPV
Posted by Rock (Sg, Singapore) on 04/02/2013

I have herpes HSV 1 and the HPV virus in my body. Been taking the Black seed in powder form for about three weeks. Will go for a blood test around 10 April 2013 to see if the viruses are dead. I consume the black seed with honey to combat the taste and make it easier to swallow.

Three weeks ago, warts were detected on my urinary tract. Went for freezing treatment and to my surprise, each treatment effectively cleared the warts in just one treatment. The second treatment cleared warts which were deeper in my tract. Doctor told me I probably needed at least 8 to 10 treatments to clear all warts but we cleared it in just two weeks. I don't know if that's normal or if it's actually the black seeds which helped.

Next week or 10 April 2013 I will go for another blood test to see if the Herpes HSV 1 and HPV viruses are still in my body. Due to a week immune system I think I will need three months instead of one. But I will just try and see if the viruses are dead. Check back on 10 April. I'll update here.