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Black Seed Oil Side Effects
Posted by Ecfan99 (Everywhere, Usa) on 04/27/2018

I am wondering if detoxing can bring infection to the surface of the skin. I started taking Black Seed Oil liquid about a month ago. Since then, I have had no less than 5 infections on different body parts. I have not dealt with infections much before this.

-Two weeks ago I discovered a very large boil/cyst/pimple on my elbow, very tender to touch.

-One day later I woke up to an infection on side of breast. Went to doctor and was put on antibiotics with probiotic.

-Now I have developed mild infected cuticles on three separate fingers.

Is there a chance this is infection leaving my body via the skin, because of the BSO detox?

Black Seed Oil Side Effects
Posted by Bama (Usa) on 01/26/2015

I just started taking Black Seed Oil, starting at 1/4 tsp in the evening. After the 2nd dose, I had diarrhea. Very pale stool, different odor. Due to the oil? Will this improve? Thanks.