Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipes

| Modified on Dec 29, 2013
Mama to Many's Hand Sanitizer Recipe
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 12/27/2013


I have been using a homemade hand sanitizer for the last couple of years. I love it! Most hand sanitizers you buy have triclosan in them, which is very dangerous. I feel really bad for medical people who are required to use them all the time.

Hand Sanitizer

1 cup Aloe Vera Gel

9 teaspoons alcohol

2 teaspoons vegetable glycerine

20 drops essential oil of your choice

Put ingredients in a jar and shake to mix very well. Put into small squirt bottles. I keep one in my purse.

This stuff takes longer to dry on your hands than store bought stuff, but it smells better and is safe.

Next time I make it, I will use vodka for the alcohol, then it is all food ingredients.

I like to use lavender essential oil since it smells nice. I made some with geranium essential oil and that can double as emergency insect repellent. The combinations are endless for what you could add to make it smell nice. I think all essential oils are antiseptic. I might use tea tree and/or eucalyptus if I were using it in a sick room.

I originally got this recipe from: http://www.diannassundries.com

She also has some great soap recipes--I have tried her Peppermint Patty soap recipe. Yum!


~Mama to Many~