Grape Seed Extract for Broken Capillaries

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Posted by Casafina (Sedona, Az) on 07/10/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Broken Capillaries on my nose for ever!!!! I just recently added Grape Seed Extract to my supplement list and it would appear to be working. I had first thought too much caffiene so I cut that out, then maybe I had a "booze" nose cut that out, then it was o still there must be years of sun damage. I had been covering with concealer and with in the first week of adding grapeseed extract I was able to go out with out any concealer. I take plenty of other supplements but my thinking is that it was the only thing that I had added after reading on here about it as a possible solution.

Grape Seed Extract
Posted by Afitch (Colorado Springs, Co, USA) on 06/07/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with small vessel capilaritis - red spots on my legs that look like pupura. They would appear almost on a daily basis and take a week to fully heal and fade away. I went to 12 doctors and no one could tell me what to do for them. I found an article on the internet that suggested that oligomeric procyanidins OPCs have shown to improve capillary vessel strength.

I have been taking grape seed extract supplements (from the local health food store) for about two years now and have virtually no capilaritis now. I want to share this with people because it seems that most doctors do not know of anything you can for this condition. These grape seed supplements have helped me greatly. Andy