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Flea Bite Prevention Diet

| Modified on Dec 24, 2022
Flea Bite Prevention Diet
Posted by Oceanman58 (Los Alamitos) on 08/10/2016

Hi Earth Clinic,

Thank you for your help in many different areas. Do you have a category or have you thought of one for people who are prone to flea bites?. I would love love love to find a combination of foods to eat that would change my system enough to keep those horrible fleas from biting. Garlic by itself doesn't work.. Brewers Yeast by itself doesn't work..Not eating sweets by itself doesn't work. I battle these fleas every year from walking my dog and if anyone has found a dietary system that changes one chemistry enough to not get bit, it would be a godsend... Thank you for considering this category...

Flea Bite Prevention Diet
Posted by Courier (Lake Fork, Texas) on 01/27/2016
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Blackstrap molasses is made from a third boiling of sugar cane after the making of refined sugar. the result being a product with less sugar and a very dense nutrient rich product that that is very healthy for you. It has a bitter taste to it making it an acquired taste. The one without Sulphur is less bitter than the one with Sulphur. But if you live in a chigger or tick area the Sulphur will come thru skin keeping you almost bite free. My grand mother lived into her late 80's and never had any gray hair we were always told it was the copper and mineral content in the well water. But looking back there was always black molasses on the table eaten at most meals. So this makes sense to all coments about helping gray hair. The next less nutrients and sweeter would be ribbon cane syrup. Just stay away from any mixture with corn syrup.