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Vitamin D for Parkinson's Disease

| Modified on Dec 27, 2022
Vitamin D and Magnesium for Parkinson's
Posted by Art (California ) on 04/08/2018 2175 posts

People often talk about the need for cofactors for vitamin D such as magnesium, boron, calcium, vitamin K-2 and zinc. These work together to help calcium get to where it should be, but they do more than just that.

The link below takes you to a very brief article which explains how magnesium works with your vitamin D stores. This is important because it explains how magnesium is a major part of the process to convert your 25 (OH)d into the active form of vitamin D which is responsible for many of the health benefits mentioned in the multiple links in the article above.

Magnesium itself has many health benefits, but together with vitamin D, they are a formidable pair! The article also gives an interesting list of symptoms associated with low magnesium levels.


Vitamin D and Magnesium for Parkinson's
Posted by Art (California) on 12/21/2022 2175 posts

Hello Allyson,

Thank you for taking the time to send all of that information! I did see the post that you referred to, already.

I'm not sure why you think I have Parkinson's disease (PD), but to the best of my knowledge I do not, so I was a little surprised by that.


Vitamin D and Magnesium for Parkinson's
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho ) on 12/27/2022

Hi Allyson, I want to thank you for taking the time to explain all of this. I took screen shots of your post (as I do all my fav EC posts! ). It has been my passion and hobby for the last 20 years to read and research anything and everything natural health. I remember reading over 10 years ago that the TEASEL plant is the cure for Lyme disease. Even though I don't have Lyme, I've never forgotten it! It felt like I had stumbled on a little nugget of gold, and I should remember about the Teasel herb should anyone I know ever get infected with Lyme. Fast forward to today- I think people are carrying so many different types of infections from various sources, I.e. spirochetes, herpes, Epstein Barr. Now after reading your post, I'm considering doing a “teasel cleanse” in order to eradicate whatever is lurking in my body. I recall when I was in college analyzing a saliva sample -our own saliva- under a microscope. About half the people in the room, myself included, had spirochetes. I've since realized they are very bad for your health, and are the cause for many dental problems. I need to do more research about this topic and will study the info at the website you shared. I also need to figure out if and how to treat children with teasel. I'm sure the infections can be spread amongst family members.

I hope you'll keep us posted on your experiences with taking teasel as well. Many blessings!

Vitamin D and Magnesium for Parkinson's
Posted by Allyson (Colorado Spring) on 12/21/2022

Hi Art,

Since you are one of the most influential people on this website and you suffer from Parkinson's, I am hoping you can use yourself as a guinea pig and you become better doing below, you will spread the word that EVERYONE that has chronic health ailments need to take TINCTURE OF TEASEL. I wrote a few days ago if you have any kind of arthritis, you have been bitten by a bug and decades later you suffer and get worse with ailments. Per, these bugs bite us as a kid or an adult and there are six stages of what that virus does to us in the long run…it causes thousands of diseases/conditions (nerve issues of any kind, arthritis of any kind, MS, diabetes, any skin issues, fire in the mouth (nerves) cancer, brain issues, Parkinson's, on and on and on. Western medicine got it wrong on the Lymes, it is a virus and not a bacteria and the herpes viruses, Epstein-bar, Lymes are all within the same family. Please please try this, it will cost you about $117 to show for it (you will need no more than 3 4-oz bottles but you will be free of your ailments not just make them less severe. People that live in bad areas where there are tons of bugs need to do it every 5-10 years. It is whatever bug that bit you that has a virus will pass that virus onto you. It would help as well if you learn the anti-viral foods to eat (there are tons but also try to give up meat, eggs, dairy, and wheat which are the viruses' favorite foods while you are killing the virus, there are supplements that will help like lysine, lemon balm, licorice root, etc., idea is to starve the virus) so you can help kill that virus even more and keep them from multiplying in you. I have learned so much starting 3 years ago but until I read the article that a Norwegian lady wrote on how she cured herself I did not know Tincture of TEASEL is the key (plus lab tests come up negative even if you have it) if you cannot stand fresh celery juice as I gagged my way through a year before I stopped with medicalmedium, you have to be on that for 4 years, just could not do it and then I found her journey ( go to the box on the left in English and hit the Lymes disease story to read about how she cured herself, (she really did her homework on the people that wrote books USA folks on how they cured themselves with the same teasel). In her story, she shares who is a reputable seller and that is who my husband and I bought from because this seller cured himself with it and now sells it to people. Go to, type in TINCTURE OF TEASEL and it should come up with “Herbdoc”. You work up to 9 drops a day for a year ($42 a bottle, you will need to buy 3 bottles and take 9 drops for a year), you take one drop the first day, 2 drops the second day, am and pm, 3 drops the 3rd day and so on but do not take more drops than you are supposed to you might get the herx effect and feel worse. Take the nasty stuff for one year (my neighbor who I shared this with is taking it as well but he put peppermint oil in it). Once you do that, you need to heal your nerves so get to know medicalmedium's protocol to do so. These diseases/condition are horrible and this is the way out for everyone. Autism and brain conditions are from having too many heavy metals in us Anthony also shares what foods to eat to detox from the metals. The covid 2nd vaccine I took reactivates the herpes and have been absolutely miserable since, I missed his warning years ago when he told everyone. I had not given up trying to find a cure and this is it. Please please try it for yourself, what do you have to lose, a little money out of your pocket but being healthy again, small price!! My hubby and I have been on the teasel less than a month but I know this will work!!!! We just need to spread the word so EVERYONE can be as healthy as possible. Who has not been chomped by a bug sometime in their life?!!! Please let me know if you will try it!

Thanks, Art!!